Monday, January 21, 2013

Daphne Groeneveld

So this is probably the Olympic event when it comes to the now three models I've covered so far these holidays (Cara, Lindsey and now Daphne) so I will probably get lost along the way and ramble significantly as I become lost and tangled in this model's beauty so forgive me in advance. OK- so when I hear the name Daphne I usually envision a cute red-headed girl with a green ascot and a purple dress. You guessed it, I was raised on the Warner Bros. classic of Scooby Doo and the Mystery Incorporated gang of mystery solvers. Well you couldn't be any further from the truth if you tried. Daphne is in fact a most beauteous being who should probably command supernatural powers like Medusa or something, but in a totally nice way and associated with lots of daisies and stuff. She's blond, has bombastic and bold eyelashes that could probably put a Maybelline billboard advertisement to shame and long lips in anther trademark and totally unique pout.

At only eighteen years old, it's almost hard to believe that someone can already have such a successful career but that's what makes the fashion industry just so fascinating. You start ridiculously young, some girls leave high school to go on to walk catwalks in foreign countries and monopolise on their looks. But it's not cheap and they're hardly victimised raking in a massive salary that some of us can only dream of. I just hope that these girls realise when times are tough that they're extremely lucky to find something that they're good at and they (hopefully) enjoy. Anyway, as a humble consumer of the fashion industry and not an insider (damn that fact) I personally enjoy their work. Daphne looks great when dressed in black and white- instead of being boring and sombre she makes it into a bold statement helped along by her charisma which translates so well into her pictures. Many girls at her age still wear t-shirts and jeans but here she is dressed in the finest the world can offer and looking simply stunning.

Ugh- did I mention I love cat eye sunglasses? I love cat eye sunglasses and I also love Daphne Groeneveld so the two brought together seems pretty perfect. All she'd need to do is flash her pretty smile and the team running the campaign would practically give her the pair for keeps- I know I wouldn't be immune to her charm and feminine wiles. Not trying to talk myself up in a conceded way or anything but I also have a rounded/ mushroom nose to some shades of this shape and structure may maybe help add a little star factor to my appearances in sunny situations? I'll probably just give up trying to look as cute as her, but drawing her and rattling together a collage or something in the near future may be on the cards instead since I am currently riding a creative high.

For those that have ever dabbled into the performing arts or theatre, they will be familiar with the crime of type-casting. I believe that young Groeneveld here is experiencing a bit of that in her career because in many of the photographs I have showcased there is her long blond hair style in luxurious beehives or wavy locks. She is associated with expensive clothing but none of the grittiness of mesh, darkness or combat boots. It's not because of an intended bias on my part either, but perhaps she just brings out the best in glamour as opposed to reality of the streets and toughness. It would be grand to have a wide selection of moods and maybe more black and white, edginess to really see what she's capable of. After all, modelling isn't always about just looking nice, it can also be part acting and taking on the persona best fitted towards a brand. We already know she's as bright and bubbly as a freshly cracked bottle of champagne, but let's not discount her just yet as another pretty face.

Even when in a nude lipstick her pouting lips seem exceptionally large and characteristic. A makeup artist's dream come true to have such a large canvas to work with or maybe it's a nightmare because there's that much more to work with. I can't really enjoy nude lipstick myself in the Summer since the hole in the ozone layer is smack bang over where I live and my skin tone changes at the drop of the fat. But I can enjoy it here on a lovely lass who probably spent hours sitting in a chair, waiting patiently like a lioness to pounce on her moment of fame. Well I've got news, when your name earns almost half a million Google results when turned into the search engine it's fair to say you've reached the big time honey. But there is still so much more to do and I myself feel fuelled by the fire of promise I see within this promising starlet. I also hope to see some more street style photographs of her out and about, preferentially wearing these wonderful sunglasses. Again I feel hurt and even perhaps mortally wounded by envy for amazing crafted and sculptural shades trying to suppress the screams of 'GIMME GIMME GIMME'. But that would be so immature and totally uncalled for right? Right, I thought so.

This whole look of flowing crimped hair and floral garlands reminds me of Oscar De La Renta haute couture from ages ago- but I'm convinced it isn't. For one thing I'm not convinced Groeneveld represents that particular fashion house and secondly I haven't known them to wuss out on spectacular makeup or miss an opportunity to make luxe fabric straps for tops or dresses. Still, she looks like a goddess that practically emits light and promotes life. She does look like mother nature in the way fashion has brain-washed us into believing it is all perfectly trimmed eyebrows and hair in all the socially acceptable places. Sorry for the aside, it's a bit late at night and some punk sparks have been sprinkled into my late night mug of green tea. I think for a model with such unique and characteristic features such as Daphne Groeneveld's she's a prime candidate for beauty campaigns and in particular lipsticks and eyeshadow but still she hasn't been primarily picked for that purpose just yet. Oh well, I'm sure as all hell enjoying her walks and backstage shenanigans of bouncing hips and lustrous smile with batting eyelashes. I say all this, being a straight-cis white girl. Oh dear, how on Earth is anyone immune to her charms?

It feels like I featured this very beauty tutorial shot eons ago now, but in reality it has probably been just over a year. My knowledge of the who's who of the modelling world has also rapidly grown to a wider repertoire but I always seem to gravitate towards the younger, rising stars that will have the most interesting stories. Also American a lot of the time... but there have also been some good international names mentioned in the last year or so. Maybe I'm like Doctor Who and I love the company of the young because in reality I am a nine hundred year old alien with two beating hearts. Nah and sorry for those not into British science fiction stories. It's that particular shade of blue that switches on a whole other side and aspect of my life. What I love about this particular shot is those long limbs sort of used to convey a vulnerability, but there's none of those qualities shown in her face. She's spectacular and absurd and I love when those two elements come together in fashion.

On another wild and unrelated note, I really want a pair of shoes from this particular collection which imitate 1950s hot rods complete with miniature tail lights and light bulbs. I don't think they really light up or make turn signals as you walk, but it would still be so cool to wear with frilly socks. I think one reason I love Prada so much and they've been so strong in recent years is that in addition to producing strong and united outfits that are interconnected in ideas they also choose who represents them really closely. As of late it's been Lindsey Wixson, Daphne and even sultry songstress Lana Del Rey. All of whom I identify as personal heroes of mine under the broad banner of successful and beautiful women with very distinctive looks that translate well into the magical world and realm of fashion.

You know what Rookie Mag play list I spent a lot of today listening to? Friday: Hanging out with the White Witch. You know, the one in the Chronicles of Narnia surrounded by ice, snow and deathly white dreadlocks. I stopped by the time I realised many of the beats were manufactured by computers and I was getting a headache while making tiny little pumpkins from craft paper. But I'm again, sensing those vibes of a forest controlled by a cruel mistress and experiencing the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. Long and pointed fingernails usually convey a stereotypical femme fatale type story which is again emphasised with eyeliner and rough edges around the dress. It's not clean cut beauty, or fashion editorial stuff but more of the story-telling I mentioned earlier.

Can someone just teach me the ways of mastering the perfect beehive? People make jokes about girls who do go to beauty school, but I sense there are some important skills that could set me up for life which I'm missing out on! In particular, hairstyles that can add inches to a girls' height without platforms or sandals. How handy. Sacrificing wearing a headband with this type of towering style is understandable but the sheer volume and height leads me to believe hairspray was used... which I would like to avoid since it damages hair and whatnot. In addition to peroxide blond hair to die for that finish with soft cherub curls, can we all just drink in Groeneveld dewy eyes framed by smouldering thick lashes and cat eyeliner? The whole look is just so vintage inspired I can barely contain my excitement that someone so close to my own age can wear the look so well. My generation isn't all that doomed if we do something about it and borrow style from other era!

I already fell head over heels for the Givenchy collection which featured panthers, orchids and satin everywhere. Then I noticed Daphne was one of the representing models and my heart just grew three sizes too big. The best way I can explain my adoration is simply put to Daphne being a little pocket full of sunshine that can brighten up an outfit or photograph (for a beauty shot) and at the same time she manages to make it all look so luxurious and carefree at the same time. I would probably compulsively bitch face when posing in the same shirt although feeling happen on the inside and bursting at the seams. It feels like smiling and being sincere is a lost art at the moment, but Groeneveld is keeping it alive and lighting up the lives of so many who closely follow the muses and life of the fashion world. Myself, humbly included.

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