Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cute Pie

Wearing: Miss Shop printed blouse, pink felt bear badge from Etsy (hannaletters), skirt bought from Forever New in San Francisco, Dr Martens boots, Ty Beanie Baby.

In the same way the Scott Pilgrim manages to conquer Ramona's Seven Evil Exes in a bid to date her, I feel like I've vanquished a personal and semi-imaginary demon of mine. I've conquered wearing the colour brown in a way that isn't boring and is instead cute and kind of perplexing if you haven't read widely of my blog. To explain, I have brown eyes and brown hair. In the summer my skin slowly turns the colour of sullen brown. Everywhere in my life it seems the colour has been shadowing my every movement and sharing in every experience although I have not felt the same type of love for it the way I've personified it. I think the key to bringing brown together with pink is that it evokes tastes of strawberry and chocolate ice-cream, let's face it, the main players in Neapolitan ice-cream. Also posing with toy cats seems to help when you're parents won't allow you to keep the real thing and animal welfare will be on your ass for dyeing the fur of your cat pink.


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  2. Are those little horses on your shirt? Cute! I like this outfit the colours go so nicely :)

    1. Yeah they're little horses, inspired by Miu Miu 2010