Thursday, January 17, 2013

Collage Magic

Here's what I have whipped up so far in the past week surviving on nothing but bad coffee, limited sleep and sharp scissors! All the photos within this post were created by me and I used magazines such as Vogue Australia, New Scientist, Russh and Emporium (from Myer) to make them. I'm trying to diversify the looks and moods created in each without broadly sticking to a theme or a shape or whatever but that's not working quite yet.

Being a science student but still a lover of fashion, this is exactly how I envision my graduation going ahead. I would love a commemorative basket of kittens when I complete my degree too! Just because I plan on moving out at the same time as well.. Anyway back on topic: vintage and beehives have been huge at the moment and it was fun bringing them together and cutting out the prettiest advertisements from all style related magazines.

I'm really proud of this- I smashed together a picture of an iconic Chanel perfume with sperm inseminating an ovum. Classic fashion meets science humour. I call it, 'Eau de Sperm'. It sadly started this whole fantasy and eclecticism of mish mashing images together and culminating nerd culture with fashion bringing different facets of my life together.

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