Saturday, January 19, 2013

Byron Spencer Photography

Sometimes I feel like living in Australia leaves me feeling isolated from the greater fashion community. I can't spend everyday finally hooking things up and making cool connections with expert style bloggers now can I? When I do feel isolated, it gives me room to grow and mature as an individual with unique tastes, but on days I can't come up with anything it tears me up inside. The journey is a whole lot easier with the Internet and all, international magazines at the newsagent and libraries, but still I can't help but feel some things are missing from my life in connection to an elusive industry. But then I discover something that changes my perceptions again and on a whole other level. A new model, or a new designer but in this case it's an artful photographer under the tasteful name Byron Spencer. I found him while strolling across Tumblr (of course) and it shows the more sensual side of Australian fashion- what the industry of publicists, models and artists can do. It makes me feel better knowing all my crazy and seemingly impossible dreams can be made a reality and there are amazing people working hard as fellow countrymen to create art.

I haven't properly read or done anything photography related ever, but even the recreational aspect I tried to keep up in senior year has died down since I reached university. Still, it's refreshing to see such a broad spectrum of work featuring different lighting, effects and utilities. I remember those broad topics discussed in the Kodak Encyclopedia 'Santa' brought me for Christmas two years ago and when done right they are super important. There are both haunting Polaroid snapshots such as the above, surprisingly taken at backstage runway shows- as well as professional shoots that I love for brand Emma Mullholland and Oyster magazine. Bright colours seem to culminate together beautifully, but even without the bright shades the form and composition is pretty mind-blowing. I've picked a one-sided array of photographs but there are also some men's fashion snaps that were equally great and with the signature Byron Spencer look.

At the moment I'm struggling to take good photographs while also styling and creating outfits because there's too many clubs to juggle or something. I am no clown and didn't ever dream of running away to the circus so both on a physical and metaphorical level I was always destined to fail. Outdoors is appealing at this time of year, but a lot of our grass is weedy, yellow and undernourished. There's a lovely patch of ivy in my garden, but the grass needs to be covered by either a carpet or some fake turf pure and simple. The lighting indoors, however horrible is still a little easier to control too. When I'm running around the house looking for that one lacy sock I tend to get warm and sweaty in elaborate outfits that's just not nice. But it's the layering and different patterns and colours that makes things eye-catching and extravagant and I don't want to sacrifice that either. I'll try to keep all these great snaps in mind though as inspiration to spur me on and the poses. 

Off topic here but still exciting and a tiny bit relevant: the new Romance Was Born collection is already available on pre-order! I'm so not ready- I haven't even gotten anything from the last two collections and I am freaking out! I hope Byron does a little collaborative work with the Australian creative, art-focused heavy-weight label again. The results as you can all plaintively see for yourselves were nothing short of spectacular. Might I say the band aid on the male model's cheek is pretty cute? Nothing tacky or passe like the bandages worn by hip hop rappers or whatever four years ago or something. Just a nice and wacky way to add a little more colour and pattern into a photograph bursting at the seams already. P.S. I love that shade of lilac for the background. I want to paint my walls that colour, wrap myself in it and practically colour my insides the same shade. It's super perfect in my biased eyes.

There's such sharp hits of colour about the photographs it reminds me of a favourite passage of mine from none other than 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.
"The Guide also mentions alcohol. It says that the best drink in existence is the Pan Galactic gargle Blaster, the effect of which is like having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick. The Guide also mentions on which planets the best Gargle Blasters are mixed, how much you can expect to pay for one and what voluntary organizations exist to help you rehabilitate."

I feel that the way colour and vignetting at the corners is combined almost reaches the taste buds and has the power to hit you square in the pucker. Nicely of course- but with a punk edge. Nice punks. With style, enthusiasm for fashion and beautiful complexions. Dear Byron Spencer, if you are reading this, I acknowledge all of these photographs are your rightful belongings and I just wanted people to share in their glory. Please do not sue me. I am a nice lady.


  1. no way you live in Australia!? sorry first time reading your blog, but that seems like the most amazing place to live, I'd trade any time.

    1. It makes me sound like I hate it here... I don't! I love being born here but it's hard sometimes.

      Ugh, I've just about had it with the weather lately I could do with a trade :P

  2. These images are so gorgeous! God, I wish I had that much talent with a camera.

  3. what a cutie! thanks so much xoxoxoxo