Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Wearing: DIY crown, earrings borrowed from my mother, American Apparel blouse, Simpsons sweater from etsy (MyLikeZoo), Pyjama pants from my childhood and Vivienne Westwood X Melissa sparkly boots.

I really wish I could wear this to university one day- but I'm afraid I don't have the courage. The crazy and eclectic patterns are all printed on some really comfy materials though so at least I wouldn't be sitting in silence suffering. The thing about wearing something like this out is the strange looks I may earn, or rather I wouldn't look quite as sassy and confident in these photographs if I did. I'm taking advantage of having the house all to myself again, good weather and a new routine of showery in the mornings so my hair behaves. I'll probably be getting the chop next week when I have money and we'll see if I feel like my hair needs a change in colour or something to make things really interesting.

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