Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Wearing: The Pajama Game shirt from my high school, This Is Make Believe resin rose necklace, butterfly hair clips and bow from my childhood.

Of course wearing a big bouffant naturally translates to you becoming awesome because I woke up this morning and called a radio on a whim. Then I won a little prize pack! Nice one. Considering my mother pays for my phone bill I just got something from nothing. I should wear beehives more often- they just make you an awesome person. Sorry it's a little lumpy because I haven't really learned to master the art yet but I can predict many days ahead as I try to win more stuff left right and centre. I took some more photographs yesterday and I totally forgot that I don't like the yellow light my camera tends to cast on everything and that I have forgotten I can't really smile. It would be easier to do my own thing without my mother lurking around at every room corner but for you, dear reader, I will persevere!

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