Sunday, January 20, 2013

And to Summarise

I have had my phone for all of fifty hours or something but I am pretty smitten and loving all the exciting capabilities I have at my fingers. I said I would buy a new camera... that doesn't look at all promising at the moment. Instead I have a honking huge phone that makes my ears look even smaller than they would otherwise but many fun new editing programs for photographs. Here is my week in pictures so far, I hope to bring you some more. It's a little easier to digest than a video tour of my room which is still currently and sadly a mess at the moment. The small bite sized pieces will have to surmise for the next week or two until I find the energy and strength to really clean up my act and my room.

I actually drew this one guys! My phone has a stylus and is a lot easier to navigate than MS Paint so that's fantastic. I've named my drawing Karen, but she was inspired by another crazy cat lady which you can find on this blog here. There have been other drawings, I'm not going to lie but some of them haven't made the cut this time and others are a work in progress. This is what I am going to do the majority of the time commuting from home to on campus now. That's pretty exciting.

Please don't write to my Auntie guys! She's super sweet and has let me and my father stay at her house when I was animal crazy and wanted to do work experience at a rural veterinary clinic. She is also under siege from bush fires at the moment so be nice. I like the filters I've found so far since they add a really nice and worn touch to digital snaps... which is cheating but the lighting in my room sucks. The 'Science is golden' sticker is from The Grates EP which my brother bought for my birthday countless years ago now. I've since fallen back in love with them.

And here's me in kindergarten... Aw, I used to be so cute. What went wrong? Just kidding. I did make the pasta frame but I think the teacher spray-painted it gold. Well guess what lady: YOU MISSED A SPOT. We had to wear hats and my mother had sewn buttons on the inside flap of my veil thing at the back as a cool and secret thing. It was a great hat- my mother taught me the value of having really cool buttons from a young age. I really have to find that hat now and show you guys how much style I had as a four year old blowing bubbles and what not.

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