Thursday, January 24, 2013


If it is true what they say and clothes make the man, then where does that leave humble accessories? Surely they should be as important as the overall presentation. I mean, just look above: floral garlands are free spirited and whimsical but they always remind me of the classic English ballad 'La belle Dame sans Merci' which although has a french title was written by John Keats. Who I still love even after writing about in my final Literature exam more than a year ago now. Aw, isn't that so sweet? Anyway, the pictures shown: these are the leftover jumbled mess of images I collected maybe two years ago or something so there are no sources to be found anywhere. Damn I was reckless in my youth. I was so reckless I underestimated how awesome smaller details such as necklaces and badges and stuff could be to an outfit and they were actually pretty important when done right. In that respect they're much like individual bees who's behaviour isn't intelligent alone but as a hive they become and act with power. I only payed attention to head wear, necklaces and badges and stuff when I couldn't do anything else with my clothes; like the dreaded school uniform day in and day out.

Why wouldn't you want to dress like a black lion or some other awesome and mythological being? In recent years only Haute Couture has really been paying a lot of attention to attire worn around the head and stuff but if you can dig through some really cool antique and vintage shops maybe you'll discover a plethora of pill box hats and other gorgeous stuff. The only cons I can consider at the moment is that structural integrity and keeping things like straw boater hats can sometimes require a good solid box and if you're struggling for space that can be even harder to accommodate. I personally keep all my scarves and beanies in a bag at the foot of my bed, but I do wish they could take a more prominent position of display in my room in order to promote me wearing them a little more. Sometimes I wake up and my hair looks great and other times these little pieces are an absolute godsend and savior.

So there you go: some advice and suggestions on how to make a boring and blase outfit like a simple over sized men's shirt thrown over a tee look great and lessons on being dapper and lustrously expensive. If you're not oozing disposable income from every poor I wouldn't sweat it either because raiding your family's and close friend's wardrobes may be an investment to consider. Or swapping if they're not totally OK with you borrowing something limitlessly. If you're going to exploit and alienate people who are close to you try and be responsible because these things may come back to haunt you and you'll find yourself hosting a dinner party you really don't want to with a clogged up toilet and plumbing emergency. Not that I've ever been in that situation personally or anything...

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