Sunday, January 27, 2013

Abbey Lee Kershaw

I had been so caught up and involved with looking at my magazines, reading science fiction books and generally being a hermit and not leaving the house I forgot what it means to be a working girl. I am not enjoying it at all. I want to go home. I'm sort of hanging in there and thinking about something this Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw spoke about in terms of being a professional model. I've already written quite a bit about her and have some photographs old and new of her journey and metamorphosis into what she's become today. Before Cara Delevingne came along, she was probably one of the biggest model muses that I saw on the Internet, being idolised both for her appearances in editorials and her own street style photographs. I'm a firm believer of the outside reflecting what a person feels on the inside, and I think that change from sweet honey brown to sexy peroxide blond hair really showed her embrace of the fashion world and her new glamorous lifestyle, leaving behind Australia for New York.

I've both tried (and failed) not to think too much upon how wonderful it would be to keep such close contacts with the fashion world and seeing all the glorious clothing released before anyone else as an insider and model, but I think back to a statement Abbey said upon her life. She laments about being woken up at 4am to be sewn into dresses for fittings, living on nothing but apples and diet Coke for a year but goes on to insist she hasn't been victimised. She made her first million dollars bu the age of twenty-one or something ridiculously incredible and that's something I may never achieve in my lifetime no matter how hard I work. Which is a little depressing, but it still shows that behind all the makeup and media attention that these are still hard-working people who have to make sacrifices and stuff in order to keep their jobs.

Maybe I'm just bored with my sad and mediocre life, being reminded eventually another semester will start again and I will have my head busily in the books, blisters on my hands from writing out notes and the tired veil of exhaustion following me about everywhere. Also at the start of the new month I am going to wean myself off of coffee and try to go back to a normal and natural routine of green tea, grit and moxy used to get by on long commute journeys between home and on campus. I will not be living in a really cool loft with a mantelpiece full of souvenirs and mementos- nor will I be hailing taxis and storming about a city that never sleeps in gorgeous high heels. I will be treading on freshly rained ground in large Dr Marten boots and heating my packed lunch in the microwaves fighting to sit down in a busy dining hall. If I saw both sides to the coin for myself maybe I would feel better about being average and stuff, but the fact of that matter is I can't and won't be able to. Now to brave the harsh and gruelling trials of reality. 

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