Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014- Huh already?

What a nutty year. I think I should acknowledge that New Year's Resolutions are way annoying but they are also kind of funny. My 2013 resolutions were:
  1. Keep a journal of photos and fashion stuff. I didn't start keeping it until May but I have all my magazines and glitter glue organised on a special desk now.
  2. Learn how to knit. I said this last year but I ran out of time OK?
  3. Thrift shop more. The one thing I actually did!
  4.  Keep blogging. Let's see...299 posts from 2013. Not bad.
  5. Watch more influential movies. I tried... sort of.
  6. Stop procrastinating. Um.  
  7. Stop procrastinating. Not really.
I blinked for a second in August  and *BOOM* it's December, Christmas has come and gone, and we're preparing to ring in the new year. Like how does this keep happening every single year!? My whole life is an existence mirroring a VHS tape on rewind, or shrouded in a fog of Bill Murray movies and Groundhog Day references. This year I got to meet my blogging hero Tavi Gevinson and she hugged me ~swoon~, I made new friends at university (I'm in with the cool kidz u guyz!), I won $500 which I spent on buying a new camera, my Canon Eos 60D and I kept up with blogging.

I cultivated my tastes a bit more, I read and managed to keep my grades up and I kept some journals. My moodboards have really come along and I think this one is particularly nice because it has strong teenage influences and I'd like to be a teen forever. I have a new job which is going swimmingly and everything seems to be on track, but I am kind of sad that this year is over already because it has been such a good year. I'm now plotting world domination via the blogosphere so I think that will be my New Year's Resolution for 2014 or whatever.

1a, b- Bobbly Rainbow Socks, c- The Skinny Artist. 2- Tavi Gevinson. 3a- "Best Friends Forever": Photographed by Eleanor Hardwick for Rookie Mag, b- Girl Interrupted (1999), c- Ghost World by Daniel Clowes. 4a & b- Berta Pfirsich Photography. 5a, b- “Do You Remember The First Time?” featuring The Virgin Suicide cast by Sofia Coppola and Corinne Day, c- Ghost World (2001). 6- Rookie Mag. 7a- Tavi Gevinson, b, c. 8- Petra Collins for Rookie Mag. 9a- via Rookie Mag, b- Bobbly Rainbow Socks, c-The Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins. 10- Molly Ringwald as Andie Walsh in Pretty in Pink (1986). 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Girl Oracle

Wearing: Thrifted blouse, Christopher Kane skirt, Wittner holographic brogues.

Today I wanted to indulge in dressing like an obnoxious teen witch or something related to astronomy. I'd like to think deadpan girl heroes like Jane Lane and Enid Coleslaw would have approved of the occasional occult trinket and general nod towards trash culture.
It was also an excellent excuse to wear black lipstick again!
Lately I've had lots of free time on my hands so I mended the buttons on this blouse I found thrift shopping for $4 and also finished up-cycling a skirt. I had intended to wear it, but then I thought to sew some pearl beads on it so it doesn't feel ready yet. This pink galaxy skirt from Christopher Kane seemed to work better with the weird satin of the shirt and changes in colour.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jelly Shoes

I realize some apologies are in order- for the last few months I've been so caught up in trying to make pretty journal spreads and reviewing runways shows I had forgotten about analyzing trends. Something which should be the primary concern of someone who would like to call herself a *fashun blogger*. This may also explain why everything seems very quiet here at the moment, or all my readers are busy preparing for finals and don't have time to spare reading my blob. This morning I was wondering what the next big trend in footwear would be after jelly shoes, but I hope they remain popular for another couple of months so I can wear kawaii cute socks and flimsy plastic sandals to work everyday caring very little about occupational health and safety precautions.

I've owned a pair of pink jelly shoes from Jelly Beans for over a year now, which has been enough time for large chain stores in Australia to interpret the trend and mass produce their own range of sandals in time for Summer. Other brands like Juju have been big overseas, featured on sparkly glam feminist publications like Rookie Mag.com and plastering the walls of Tumblr and blogs from around the world. I suppose since I already knew about the trend I didn't really stop to pay homage to it, but with limitless hours at my disposable in between working a dream job at a punk/ vintage inspired clothing store I thought I would compile some of the more dreamy images together in a super-post.

So what do we love so much about jelly shoes? I suppose my main interest in them is that ability to evoke a certain nostalgia, many girls my age have commented on the trend remembering owning pairs of plastic sandals at the age of four or five. This makes me think back to when I was dressed every morning by my mother in small cotton dresses during childhood summers. They're also an attractive avenue because they are a cheap alternative from leather platform sandals, can be worn with vibrant and colourful socks and allow the feet to breath in what is often hot summer air. So you can buy a few pairs without breaking the bank and enjoy vibrant colored shoes on your feet suitable for adventures in the city, going to the park and long walks on the beach.

I suspect that if I was still in high school and aged sixteen I would have fervently collected jelly shoes in every colour combination possible- there's just something special about that time in a young girls life when discovering things for the first time. The new discoveries become sacred in a way, part of a strange fangirling religion. But it's also nice to have a close group of friends to bounce ideas off of, to walk fearlessly into expensive shops and to walk around with. Instead I'd only feel gawky and a little awkward wearing a pair of beautiful sandals like this now, well aware that I am expected to act like an adult soon and move on to boring things like tax returns and a 9-5 job and mortgage repayments (eww).

It may seem strange to some people that anyone would make sandals in clear, see-through plastic but the beauty in this idea is opening a world of opportunities. This is generally possible when you have a small army of cute socks at your disposal. Don't have a pair of red shoes to make your outfit look cute? Get some red socks and clear jelly sandals and BOOM problem solved. Also it makes your collection of cool socks more accessible for everyone to admire and you can proudly proclaim to the world 'I am. I am a sock connoisseur'.

I am not a hip young person anymore or 'down with the kids' or whatever but if I had the stamina and energy to explore music festivals and enjoy the outdoors I am sure I'd love to wear jelly sandals too. Even in colder weather in Autumn or Spring a cute pair of tights or socks with leggings can inject an unexpected element of kawaii into any generic sweater outfit. Or if you happen to live in the unpredictable city of Melbourne, this is also an important thing to factor in when getting dressed in the morning. As someone vulnerable to wearing the same sweater everyday when I go to uni I crave having something easy to put on that looks cute. It may not please the over zealous demonstrators of the Biology laboratories but I can always wear these babies in the Geology buildings! 

I think after I finally pen my contract and wait until after Christmas I may buy another pair of jelly sandals- I've had my eye on glittery clear ones for a while now and writing this post has only confirmed this in my mind. It's also a lot cheaper than waiting for anymore of the Meadham Kirchhoff X Topshop collection to hit eBay and will temporarily soothe my need to own something cute. I also have a little storage problem at the moment and am currently trying to sell three boxes of heavy Jeffrey Campbell shoes- when compared to the lightweight plastic of jelly shoes it makes me wonder why I didn't buy more in the first place.

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