Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winnie the Pooh

Wearing: Vintage denim shirt, Asos horse bag, Jelly Beans plastic sandals, Disneyland Chip N' Dale hat, Winnie the Pooh pants and frilly socks accumulated during my childhood. (And hence difficult to remember when and where I got them...)
Badges: felt bear and rabbit pins from hanaletters (etsy), vintage Christmas teddy bear badge and button from ginettepomette (etsy).

Let's do something completely inappropriate and out of the ordinary: let's discuss my pants! But seriously, I think my mother bought these for me from Big W years ago during a time she bought my many pyjama sets because I was growing her out of house and home. Anyway, this was one of the less worn pairs because I grew rapidly thanks to puberty but I've lost some wait and can fit into them again. They're a little warm for Summer being made of printed flannel... 

OK so I was meant to butcher these pyjama pants first to make them appear more like picnic shorts, but I've grown surprisingly attached to the cheerful Winnie the Pooh print sitting in the background of my life for the last six years at least. I'm just not as tough as I always used to think I was... anyway, I'm channeling my inner Wes Anderson character with unconventional pants, strange hat and colour. I've been really attracted to all things pastel within my wardrobe for a while now, so this is the counter-strike using the colour red and I'm really pleased with how it all turned out. I feel like the love child of Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky: wearing impractical shoes for running away in, a furry dead thing on my head and a shirt neatly buttoned up all the way to the neck. I'm really tempted to wear this on my next date or hang out session with friends; just to mix things up a little.

While I should be probably have a sour expression or something to really relive the misunderstood teenager mentality that Moonrise Kingdom thrives on, I can't help but be cheerful. I've found a use for something I already own which is sort of like thrifting but all within my den of a room and not even spending my spare change. I'm usually tormented by the presence of ancient pajamas but maybe I can make a whole assortment of recycled shorts and cute patches to add to denim jackets and vests. I have a good feeling about all this...


  1. I really like your shirt! You are deffo channelling eccentric Wes Anderson character with this outfit... it's cool :)

  2. Your feet are the best bit of this awesome outfit! I like your hat and your badges a lot:):):)
    It's cool how you are being a character in a Wes Anderson movie, I love to make up who I am being when I get dressed.