Saturday, December 1, 2012

Van Der Glas

Halloween has come and gone so creepy tooth fairy costumes incorporating real human teeth for jewelry might be a step too far for some people, but I’ve had my eyes on these pieces from Van Der Glas for over a year now. After all that time I still have this fascination with crowned mature teeth, preferably those fabled to insight wisdom when combined with brushed silver. It’s like a gory reminder to always brush your teeth and take care of your body- but with someone else’s kind donation. Although I’m sure that there are plenty of alternatives in resin, plastic and even embroidery; the use of real human teeth pushes the boundary between art and fashion. Also, these pieces beg for attention at any scary social event, e.g. a party for a store which can start conversations and best of all, friendship! It’s a great way to attract attention towards yourself, advertise your taste and kindly invite conversation from other kooky folks. Who doesn’t want pieces with the magnetic appeal of a proverbial bug zapper? 
Statement rings are usually my chosen pieces to discuss whatever the project or designer, but there are also some lovely disc necklaces which feature an embedded tooth crown or a cast in contrasting collar attached to a neat tasseled chain. I love romanticizing when it comes to clothing and I can just imagine a knight of England’s past charging into battle with this beast cozily nestled underneath chain mail. Of course many metal workers at the time didn’t have the finesse or tools to create subtle work in miniature but this is the twenty-first century and if we can’t enjoy a little luxury and plain old kookiness then let’s at least focus on flying cars.

As luck would have it, a lot of the real teeth jewelry pieces have the heavier price tag. I theorize that it is because the wonderful creator behind Van Der Glas loses their model teeth to create casts or that creepiness costs extra. That’s still fine though because there is silver and bronze casts to soften the impact of real calcium food chewing mashers- but I’m not really sure just how much you can water down this trend and lessen the macabre impact. Without the tooth itself it’s just an image and no more harmless than a printed cotton t-shirt or a pair of superbly printed socks. There’s more than one advantage aside from budgeting- the casts are pristine and newly created without a rich and colorful history to advertise itself. The worst thing would be finding an ancient bit of nougat or some food debris still hanging on over years, but the presentation for the Etsy store looks fantastic and I’m sure like any gemstone used in jewelry they are thoroughly polished for maximum luster. 

My favorite piece of course is a silver ring… if you haven’t yet caught a glimpse of some of my outfit posts there are usually some silver rings creeping in their because I have this odd fascination with talismans and symbols and this ticks all the boxes. It’s thick enough and bold enough to be classified as a cocktail ring, but I daresay trying to pick someone up at the bar with this bad boy on could raise some eyebrows. But that’s good isn’t it? I always like earning reactions from people and doing interesting things with fashion rather than wearing what everyone else has bought from a chain franchise or whatever. My mother for this reason often asks me to try again when I get dressed to go out with her. The crown of the tooth makes it recognizable and if you punch someone with it then you can also create the illusion of having bitten them at the same time; pretty neat. Not that I am trying to insight and spark violence though mind you, that was just an acute observation that might throw off even the most elderly and clever detective from an Agatha Christie novel. 

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  1. They are amazing!! Great post too :D