Sunday, December 2, 2012

Twenty-Seven Names NZFW 2012

Continuing a stunning spree of coverage on the New Zealand Fashion Week that was, Twenty-Seven Names is yet another glorious label to emerge from a country not too far from me with a distinct vintage sweetheart taste. Jelly sandals are already something I bought this year but I’m still lacking the cute patterned sock wardrobe I need to back it up in style. Also I can’t wear them too often because they are an orthopedic nightmare and I have to be able-bodied in order to go to work every week so there will be minimal wear until I am well and truly off on holidays. That won’t stop me from mooning over other plastic shades and pretty dresses; particularly the strawberry printed dresses paired with knitted beanies and sullen eyes. Honestly, for girls wearing deliciously sweet and lovely tea dresses they could look a little more enthused about the whole ordeal.
I love the isolation of this collection because everywhere I’ve looked people have been pushing pastel colours and stuff really hard, or at least in teenage girl wonderland they have and I’ve been pretty starved of red lately. This replenishes my tank with possibly the best shade of cheery cherry/ tomato red in sweet luxuriant dresses all with modest hemlines. Fashion isn’t all about miniskirts and deep plunging necklines ladies- it can have its strong point to in a good pair of slacks or a long, flowing maxi skirt and printed dress. Enough ranting- there’s nary a long skirt to be seen in this collection but there are polka dot printed silky pants to match peter pan collar blouses as well as generous pea coats for those bearing the grunt of an cold autumn and an even icier winter. 

It’s like those creepy twin girls from ‘The Shining’ grew up having a matching wardrobe all their lives and it got even cuter with adulthood. I do realize the models above aren’t sisters, but Peter Pan collars as well as fruit motifs and patterns do tend to smooth over that minor hitch in my grand scheme of compliment giving. Also my favourite pieces within any collection tend to earn a sort of preferential treatment and special string of compliments in my own peculiar way which I really do relish in now that I can embed myself in literature; both the good and the bad. The small difference between each dress is the right bears a dapper bow tie whereas the left exclusively has two rounded collars overlapping like gentle butterfly wings; pink underneath and strawberry sitting on the top. That also sums up my favourite type of ice-cream. I love drawing analogies and comparisons with food when at all possible. 

When I was five, I loved all things red and that minor fact is still reflected in my writing and criticism of a collection as cherry and free-spirited as Twenty-Seven Names but it feels unusually cruel and biased to leave out the navy, semi-sheer chiffon dresses. I did a few musicals during high school and of all the stories there were the undertones of office buildings in the twentieth century as well as Americans fascination with the coffee bean and secretary dresses. We were made to dress in a puke/ Avant Garde thrift store fashion with drug store plastic glasses in all of them but for those lucky enough to land a major speaking role they look pretty and may have even swung the attitude of the head drama teacher to wear something modern, new and without nylon tags itching. That clash of blocked navy panels and white polka dot does at least lead to some creative thought and may even inspired a little DIY Frankenstein amalgamation of different shirts sewn together from second hand stores- providing they are of the same dimensions first. PS. This model reminds me of Tilda Swinton as the Ice Queen.

Having dark brown hair myself I have never had an enthusiasm for any shade akin to it; not beige, not camel and not chocolate. This fossil in time does give me greedy ideas about DIY and adding soft, pastel appliques to shirts and skirts in order to dress them up a bit- even plaid for an added Kawaii appeal. I normally feel guilty jacking someone else’s style; in particular a designer but at the same time if I can gain enough momentum and notoriety behind an idea they shared with the world, well, isn’t that just about the same thing? No? Well OK that’s fine- I need to save my money for a fleet of new clothes and if something isn’t totally unique and can be recreated than I take that as a hint to save a certain amount of money from my monthly fashion budget. I spike the Etsy economy of craft supply merchants and vintage resellers enough not to feel guilty for too long anyway. 

If any of my Chinese grandparents were alive, I’d love to know what they thought of this red and gold disco ball-like dress and matching shiny red plastic sandals. I wish I could bore you readers with tedious details of owning a pair of sandals just like this when I was little but my family did struggle a little bit with two young ones early on so it seemed we lived modestly. I still have all my old dresses though, so that cheers me up and makes me want to have a daughter of my own one day. Family history aside, this dress isn’t necessarily the piece to tickle my fancy at the moment, but inside me there is a small kindergartner screaming to use the dryer to attempt to shrink this shirt and wear it as a dress, stomping around in brown gumboots. It’s a shame, but we all have to grow up sometime and we can’t remain a sperm forever. That’s always an amusing rebuttal to anyone who sneers the remark ‘You’ve changed’. 

Winter is a whole world away, literally on the other side of the world from me but when it comes around again or I chase it, I would be ready and rugged up in the sweetest camel coloured pea coat with Peter Pan collar there is. That is if I had the money or the willpower to stock up on practical coats. I’ve been blinded by a fur coat frenzy and fever lately though that seems like it will never let up and I kind of like it. I think this particular photograph is worthy of a disclaimed though- in autumn the weather turns on us and yellows the leaves with sickness and out hair becomes a bombastic vacant nest to any bird steely eyed enough to see. Beanies are a good way to keep a lid on even the most terrible of terrible hair days but they can only do so much and often the ends do not look like neat triangles of caramel cotton candy.

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