Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Future

Tonight I'm going to a concert that I bought tickets for months ago and now I just feel surreal and stuck because it doesn't feel like I'm going to have my ears blown off by guitar amplifiers tonight. I guess the point of this science fiction themed collage was that I feel unprepared for the future and am now sort of accessing my life and exactly what it is becoming right before my very eyes. I always imagined I'd have that horror moment where I find a grey hair amongst all my tangled black ones or a wrinkle would mysteriously appear overnight like loose change under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy. Things don't necessarily happen over night though- technology continues to crawl at a snail's pace and everything is not covered in chrome yet. That's kind of all right though since I do enjoy having colour and variety every now and then.

Normally I don't have a bad word against Etsy, because the sellers actually understand how to make and form relationships with their customers and you can score really awesome vintage clothes cheap but there is a serious lack of metallic skirts in colours other than gold and silver. Also Opening Ceremony keep teasing me with their splendorous creations like a carrot being dangled in front of a donkey and I still don't have a credit card. #FirstWorldProblems. This is quite the troublesome problem when you've spent two weeks brain-washing yourself and looking at the same stellar runway skirt complete with pleats and studs, pining over a mysterious entity untraceable on the Internet. I have so much love to give and plaid/ blouses to wear with this and I keep stroking the computer screen. I think my mother is beginning to suspect me rather a lot now of some peculiar behaviour...

Being a hipster (in secret to my friends and family) I love things ironic and senses of humour so far removed from the general populace they sound like a secret code. This image of a phone still with a chord attached but so ornately decorated makes me long for a bygone era but also acts as a little time machine transporting me back to a time when clunky rectangular bricks were immobile but used for conversation. I guess for this reason I also like watching Daria and seeing the annoying sister Quinn constantly hogging the family phone, not having one personally herself and sort of announcing to the rest of her family just how popular she is. The next generation of teenagers will miss out on that and bickering between using the phone line and the Internet. That saddens me, but also makes me feel like I belong to a cool and exclusive club just by existing at a certain period.

Here's another photograph appreciating futuristic and sublime nail polish because I feel annoyed I can't really use my fabulous metallic/ glittery blue nail stickers just yet. Then I can wear silver/ holographic prints with alien motifs and be totally Cyber Punk (what is my life...). I'm sort of self-prohibited from manicures at the moment because I have another week of work. After that then I'm free to be a sissy girl as much as I like without being tormented at work by sweaty, middle-aged men who think they know everything about basketball. If I'm lucky my nails won't break too much in the coming week and I'll have statement nails to show off in the next couple of outfit posts. In case you're feeling starved of my personal style posts, I laid out eight separate outfits on my bed last night in preparation for when I have the house all to myself. Be prepared for lots of holographic fairy tiaras, 1970s Mississippi Queen looks and general assault by plaid coming up soon kiddies.

I'm currently on the hunt for a moderately price iPhone to pair with a really cool phone cover, but if I had this bad boy to show off I think that would be the ultimate in Kawaii technology and beat the pants off of any other portable phone. I had a massive crush on a Hello Kitty phone when I was in year 7 which I guess is the equivalent to the first year of junior high or something which just goes to show everything that was cool years ago will become cool again in a vintage way. I really don't have a great need for texting and phone calls since I am a literal hermit but with cell phones being so linked to expression of style and fashion, it does feel like I'm at a disadvantage here missing out on what everyone else has. I will eventually succumb to peer pressure, open up an Instagram account and Twitter even- probably just to gain entries to competitions but what's the harm in that?

I'm nineteen years old and don't have a television in my bedroom and never have- but a laptop does live in there on occasion so I shall not complain about being in the stone age too much. While many people read magazines reviewing the latest cameras, tablets and software I still read books from the library and much prefer physical paper and bound copies of literature as opposed to e-readers but with the computer revolution and a little thing called the Internet I can share my ideas with people around the globe almost instantaneously if they are open-minded and ready for a whole lot of awesome. I suppose I have to draw the line somewhere but I very much appreciate for the march of time bringing me something to do on a Friday night other than light candles and caress my lonely self to sleep.

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