Thursday, December 13, 2012


Wearing: Denim jacket stolen from my brother Ross, Syd & Mallory ballet singlet (asos marketplace), Cue skirt, thrifted gingham scrunchy, Vintage Polly Pocket bracelet from eBay, socks from childhood and Jelly Beans plastic sandals.

I am still utterly obsessed with this skirt and despite it being the most expensive buy I've had in a while I am convinced it's a bargain. When two sales prices are slashed off in red pen it's a definite sign from the cosmos that this item of clothing was destined to meet you and you'd be a dummy to ignore it. When I wear it there's a permanent sense of warm fuzziness and I'm having so much fun styling it with everything in my wardrobe. It just magically seems to go well with everything I have but also reminds me of the nostalgia when orange was my favourite colour. Ah- memories. Expect to see it again and again until I tear it or fall over in the mud because I just want to sleep in it at the moment, take long romantic walks on the beach and share ice cream with it.

Sometimes when the weather got cold and my father couldn't find his beanie, he would tie a jumper around his head and look like am old Indian woman. Which is comical, because my dad is six-foot-something and has been made to play Santa Claus at his work's Christmas function every year for the last decade. He is not like any tiny Indian woman I ever met because of the white, shaggy beard. Anyway, I decided to try and channel some of father's wisdom and also imitate religious paintings while showing off my wrist ornamentation including a heavily eye-lashed plastic bear. You can also see just how long my nails are and how much fun I'm going to have giving myself a much needed manicure this week when work has wrapped up for the year.

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