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There's not a terrible lot of exciting things I have going on at the moment today- I was invited to an 'end of the world' party but I don't think I'll be bothered to go. Instead I might read some books while my boyfriend plays video games and generally just cuddle, then finally sort out my Christmas shopping so I can stop feeling so darn guilty. I am not feeling the Christmas spirit, but it's a lovely sunny day this morning and I do feel pretty enthused and not stone-sinkingly tired which is always a plus. Even though I myself am in a good mood my hair had other ideas this morning and must be practicing back flips or whatever when I'm not looking because it's decided to do some crazy stuff by the time I wake up. Then after a few hours at the normal time I wake up my hair is back to normal as if nothing happened... what is going on exactly?

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After another enchanting visit to my boyfriend's grandma's house I feel a little bashful that I don't dictate time in my schedule to clean my room and the garden as dutifully as she does. In all fairness, she's not trying to get her license or is working full time but at least everything is neat and tidy and the house is smothered and choked in cobwebs at every corner. When I eventually retire, thinking long, LONG term here I'd like a cottage type house with roses out the front but by that time it will probably by a tiny cramped apartment or out in the middle of nowhere. The conversations I have with this wise woman are always enlightening, but it does put a perspective on life's expectations of raising children and the state of your health in order to assess the type of person you are and your wealth. I can't really live up to all these expectations... well not yet.

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Last Saturday when I left my cave and usual blogging routine to go out I was a little disturbed at some people I work with proudly stating "at least I waited until I was nineteen to get my tattoo". Now I know it's a pretentious topic and I do not wish to shove my opinions down the throat of my readers but I sort of share the same views as photographer featured in Russh magazine (I just looked for twenty minutes in my maze/ mess of a room and still didn't find it) but as soon as a girl has a tattoo she transforms from the girl next door to the girl next door from the trailer park. But what would I know- I'm still just a dumb kid trying to figure it all out and who knows? Maybe I will lash out against society and get a tattoo myself- something small and cute which can be concealed easily on the off chance I need to pretend it doesn't exist in adulthood.

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I'm enjoying my time off from scheduled learning but I have a yearning towards certain topics. Yesterday at the state library there was a book about Killer Whale behaviour at Seaworld California and now coral reefs have me wishing I was whizzing all over the Internet in order to cobble together an essay. Well with enough Biology subjects next year I'll be kept busy so that I become sick of them again. If I was smart I would close the computer down right now and begin reading the old textbook before selling it and raking through my science themed magazines. I would read and write notes by hand to later collaborate and probably tape books together in order to create collages in real life. I'm still a wuss when it comes to butchering beautiful magazines and don't have enough sparkly craft glue though...

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Like every other privileged child allowed to attend school and be educated my family took photographs on those days like the first day of school for notable years, but being chained to a uniform for thirteen years did deprive me of cute opportunities like this. Not only does this sweetheart have a paisley dress with huge boat collar and white contrasting pockets, there's saddle shoes and a tin lunchbox too. Oh bless her heart. I wonder where she is now then and what happened to this fabulously vintage sense of style... The newest addition to the senior English teacher staff carried around a Doctor Who lunchbox in place of a pencil case for her whiteboard markers and stuff and though she never taught me I secretly thought she was the coolest.


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This is the first image ever to convince me that this type of piercing is cute and endearing and I now live in a magical world of camo jackets and starry-eyed unicorns. That sounds like scathing sarcasm to some but honestly, I really love this image from the cheap lolly bag to the Grimes facial structure. Although I've been pretty proud of an aversion towards sugary and fatty foods I am beginning to crave the certain crunch of chocolate covered nuts but I don't relish the sting in a new piercing. Also I would be abandoned by everyone I now- family and friends if I did get such a piercing which doesn't suit me at all (not without a high sitting fringe at the moment no). I wish there were some cool people I could just trade magazines with, sip tea and paint toenails with which seems similar to what I do with in my mother's company anyway but it lacks a certain aesthetic zeal you know?

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It's moments like these that make me proud to state that I am both Australian but of Asian heritage. Why is that you ask? Well, for those not well acquainted with Cadbury chocolates, there is a famous bar under the name of 'Caramello Koala' which has, you guessed it, caramel at the centre and a chocolate casing. The song for the advertisement went along the lines of 'they call my yellow mellow... koala' which is something my boyfriend does tease me about but koalas are the cutest things ever. Just look at this little guy clinging to a let like a tree- aw. I can't wait until I'm back at work and earning money again to buy nice things and I haven't even had my last shift at work yet. That is just how sadly desperate I am for work and money. And it won't be getting any easier anytime soon.

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Lately I've been making quite a few Mean Girls references- what with all the added content on my dashboard. In  particular there's the infamous talent show screen cap of the Plastics all dolled up but this is probably my favourite. Being naive, I would quote this sobbing painfully like a heart-broken all day long were it not for the fact I know why everyone can't all be friends. Sometimes you just take immediate dislike to someone over the most minor thing and cannot wait for them to disappear from your presence as soon as possible. I'm quite like that a lot of the time and pretty proud of being an anti-social outcast but yeah, I weaken and want interactions and try to subdue these feelings with childhood nostalgia. I'm definitely still a teenager.

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Instead of doing anything related to Christmas, i.e. little carolling or decorating in general I will most likely sit idly in my room like this girl has done wearing a sweater and maybe using hair extensions. I wish I too had a neat and tidy room but sort of an alluring way when it came to seducing people down the wires of a laptop camera. Oh well, I despite using my laptop and have everything stored on Old Reliable here and that will do until the fan carks it in the dead of Summer right when I am most bored and vulnerable. But until that point it will be smooth sailing as long as the batteries, chargers and external hard-drives don't get too worn out in my mad frenzy of blogging. Now is about the only time of year I can catch up on all my neglect and post enough content to cover myself for eight months of sheer stand still while I am gripped with constant university and lecturing content.

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Every Christmas as a child I favoured putting an ornate star on the top of the tree whereas my brother would stubbornly be backing the angel. So every year we compromised and alternated resulting in no one being thoroughly happy but it was a tradition just the same. I'm in half a mind to raid the decoration box we keep storing baubles and tinsel to make an appropriately themed crown this year as I eagerly await a red and white lace skirt in the mail. This year's festive themed outfit post is going to be even more spectacular then when I initially started blogging with such a mindset almost two years ago now. My taste has greatly improved since then and I care less and less each day about matching tedious details such as colours and materials and relish in strange combinations on a daily basis. Let's see the end of 2012 out with a bang, shall we? For both the Armageddon fearers and non-believers.

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I was reminded of the sour, medicine-like taste of Vodka last Saturday night sitting at the bottom of my glass which I didn't really miss that much and I'm also glad I didn't let alcohol turn me into a thieving demon. Constantly in media represented to young children we see dangerous drinks held captive in green bottles with skulls, so this is really only feeding more on the urban legends I guess from picture books. Although to be fair these drinks won't kill you or send you into an indefinite sleep until a total babe kisses you. And they don't taste half bad when mixed into jelly. Unless you do it wrong like we did in that case the dessert is the devil and you just melt it the next day and eventually pour it down the sink. But seriously my friends waste so much food and drinks when we go away it's not even funny.

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