Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Teen Cliche

I've finally finished work part time for the year, so you know what that means- no I won't becoming a devote couch potato but instead a blogger intent on being an Internet sensation and working harder on cleaning my room. It's a little difficult to find motivation without my mother being the main sloth of the house but I may throw on a Wes Anderson movie while I do this task and layout some clothes for future outfit posts. It's the least I can do after having a mammoth sleep in this morning and messing up my hair for the day. Also I can't find a sweet beaded bracelet like this on Etsy just yet so it seems that I'll be making my own whenever I can get the materials mailed in or refine my hinting ways. But I'll try not to spend too much money at the moment, tomorrow a limited release of tickets for Soundwave come out and if I don't get them I swear this time I will curl up in a corner and cry for the next month.

In addition to not leaving the house I must learn the ancient art of talking up my wonderful boyfriend and articulating to my parents just what a good guy he is. The above image and caption does give a pretty accurate description of what he's like, but I am a little biased on that front. He is such a sweetheart though, he's not worried I haven't gotten him a Christmas present yet and is general good natured about any ordeal I put him through. I should probably watch more cheesy and unsuccessful teenage programs and learn the secret and lost lingo of teenage girl in order to really convey all my feelings and suck up the cynicism I'm being fed from watching Daria. I also watch Sailor Moon which does sometimes include lovey dovey girls getting all dopey and mushy over the boys but that only happens for a few seconds and then they're snapped back to reality by the chaperon character of the girl gang...

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This past year has made me realize that I'm going to be stuck living the poor uni student lifestyle for maybe another two or three years so I should indulge in it and really embody it in the form of fashion- luckily for me I know exactly where to get bags like this and cheap white markers or chalk can't be that hard to come by either... This is exactly the type of image I think of when someone mentions the word slumming- which generally means to me nowadays that I'm hanging out with my Mum in the city and sort of looking awkward all the time. But I haven't chilled with my gal pals in the city for a long time, not since high school and I do miss that special brand of comradery and relating to people my own age with similar experiences and problems. I guess there are just some things that reading other people's blogs cannot replace.

Image Source: Isabel, Amsterdam 2012
While trawling through some of my favourite boutique stores I was really heartbroken some labels which will remained unnamed were selling floral crowns such as this one for eighty dollars. EIGHTY DOLLARS! I bought the coolest bug shirt for less than that within the same store and while I can tolerate extortion and up selling to a point, for something that costs under ten dollars to make at home I swear some labels are getting too greedy and money-grubbing for their own damn good. I really did love the design and though it was spectacular but I'd be better off to drag my camera in their next time and copy the design myself- after all, imitation is the highest form of flattery and I'm still riding a high from the whole broke-girl/ empty wallet depression that post Christmas shopping tends to bring. This image has also reminded me of the importance of good hair when wearing a crown which sucks because I'm in desperate need of a haircut, still can't decide whether I want to indulge in ombre hair and will probably need to wait anyway until after New Year's. When I will still struggle to pay for a proper haircut *sigh*.

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Although I drove myself insane in one practical laboratory for University identifying gem stones for three hours I can still find beauty and enjoy the imperfections and different shapes of naturally occurring stones... I think it's time I went to the museum again since students can get in for free and roam around seeing just how much I've learned about in my past first year of university. A smarter thing to do would have been to do that sooner after finishing my exams for the year, but I was a little too busy eating celebratory pancakes and in general engrossing myself on coffee and sleep. My mother has already called me out on my little obsession and now says she has two addicted children... which probably means I should stop sometime soon but I'm sleeping later at night and generally can only be woken two hours after I set any alarm. Ugh, I love holidays and being licensed for lazy behaviour- it's the best.

Wearing a Nirvana or Guns N' Roses slogan t-shirt generally makes me feel like a cheapskate if I'm not totally immersed in the feeling and music; it just feels like too much of a teenage girl poser cliche when I see teens on the street these days. So a simple frowning face on a denim jacket is a brilliant alternative and may even outweigh the DIY friendship bracelet in terms of coolness. The best thing about being inspired by this image is that I actually have black and yellow fabric paints at my disposal and I just need to thin them out enough to not be left with hardened chunky blobs when I'm finished. It's not like denim jackets are had to come by these days anyway...

Image Source: I’d rather be a comma than a full stop… by Maladjusted_lo on Flickr.

It's times like these I feel afraid of doing anything special with my hair other than brushing it sometimes because a.) my hair is evil and has a mind of its own (therefore it likes to fallout and progressively look worse and worse as the day wears on) and b.) sometimes it can just render you a target towards bullying! OK, this is probably an exaggeration and being nineteen years old I should probably not feel afraid of being swung around on my braids like a rag doll but I can still remember certain girls I had a disdain and disliking for pulling on my hair ribbons and throwing beads at me from across the room in Textiles. Like honestly, what is wrong with you losers? Did I give you permission to touch me or enter my personal space? Oh, so is it OK if I trip you down the stairs then? NO! Of course it's not OK, so why can't you just be a normal person and leave me alone sadistic little shits. (It's so good to vent after letting feelings stew and fester for three years).

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  1. wow I need that bracelet from the first picture!
    I have the same money problem often, there are so many cool things!