Saturday, December 1, 2012


I sort of wondered if I had a spirit animal and what creature best bespoke of my personal mannerisms and characteristics… ultimately I came to the conclusion I was sweet on the outside but dark on the inside but a doormat in terms of personality. Pokémon are pretty fun to look for in terms of colour and behavior so I thought Snubbull was a good first candidate because everyone looks at them with endearment and cooing until they bite your nose and break a finger or something radically insane. Maybe they just want to be taken seriously and resent being represented in the encyclopedia of all things Pokémon as the fairy species because if you’re a male that is also a little embarrassing but I’ve been in a weird polka dot mood and it’s only a matter of time before I try and use the straightening iron to curl my hair or don a curly purple wig with outfit posts so this is a good representative of my frazzled brain.

I wish I had thought to buy Pokémon cards for the second generation and beyond for scrap booking or whatever but sometimes I do feel guilty when butchering something in the name of art because I’m afraid it just won’t be that good. Maybe I’ll stick to making little brooches they way my father showed me when I was eight using double bonding glue, paddle pop sticks and safety pins with a bit of cardboard and clear nail varnish. Yeah… I can sense more DIY projects just teeming from my brain and creativity trying to escape at every avenue of opportunity and it feels good again to be the way I was in childhood but with more access to better supplies, ideas and what-not.

Snubbull also seems to have a natural bitchface about it like I used to so many, many years ago trapped in high school and frowned jaw with teeth bearing; although I don’t have a slack jaw or an overbite or anything you have to admit small neat triangular teeth can be a little cute. It just goes to show that you should always treat someone who has a bitchface with respect and dignity and probably not play dress ups with them; unless they are dressing up themselves and mature enough to do so because of course the pioneer of the bitchface is Tavi Gevinson and she fell in love with fashion blogging when trying to create characters and persona so there you go. 

My boyfriend is an even bigger Pokémon nerd than I am, but he still has trouble accepting the fact I want to spend copious amounts of money buying crochet dolls and stuff to decorate my room with which would naturally look better in a minimalist setting but I’ll deal with cramming my room full of junk until the day I die. There are some really lifelike analogues to the popular Japanese series I wish existed when I was five years old- I would have taken them to school with my and made up stories during every recess and lunch break but now they exist and I’m growing up and adult-ish and a bit confused. A nice long couch would be perfect for keeping amigurumi figures and handmade quilts/ blankets but it’s a little odd to have that in my room when I’m practically on the verge of moving out (once I graduate) so all that will have to wait just a little longer. 

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