Saturday, December 1, 2012

Snake Charmer

Wearing: Sass & Bide crackerjac pants, vintage white blouse, denim jacket "borrowed" from my brother Ross, mushroom necklaces from ette shop (etsy) and Disneyland Tinkerbell pin.

In the spirit of strange 1970s inpsired outfits, National Geographic exerts and staying true to my old soul, I pulled together snake-printed pants, white lace and a denim jacket lifted from my brother's wardrobe rather carelessly. Careless: just like the level of maintenance I show for my hair. Before I went thrift shopping I went looking for my brother's Milo tin containing a collection of Crazy Bones to decorate DIY crowns with but instead I found this beauty hanging alone which I think he hasn't worn since middle school times for him. There was a rather large rock in the breast pocket, cracker crumbs, a loyalty card for a McDonald's and a plastic bag which we always used for sandwhiches. Why don't I work as a fortune teller for the ministry of magic...
  and I'll start with telling the past and then move on to the future. Or perhaps a detective, although I do remember my brother already having a rock collection in his sock drawer from childhood.

It was pretty rude of me not to properly show off my latest purchases of mushroom bead necklaces from the ette shop which I have been obsessed with for a while now, but that fire only burns brighter because I now have goodies of my own to wear non-stop. In the lead up to Christmas, everything on my letter to Santa will be from this shop I'm sure since I've been scoring some vintage goods for bottom dollar in my local area.
The fever has so consumed me that I picked my fair choice of grilled muschrooms out of yesterday's carbonara fattuchini last night as well, but these ones are even cuter and have miniature spunky personalities. The selection has some colours more rare than others and I have two of the rarest kind: the brown mushroom with a thick cap is one of six from a total of twenty eight and the one on the right glows in the dark. Bazinga. Obviously buying in bulk wins a bit of favour with the shop keeper and is something I'll be sure to take a note of in future.

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