Friday, December 28, 2012

Skeleton Señorita

Wearing: Shirt given to me by my father, Black Milk leg bone leggings, This Is Make Believe resin rose necklace, felt badges from hanaletters (etsy), Mushroom necklace and heart button from ginettepomette (etsy), Don't Stare button and Volunteers badge from my mother and a friend.
Red beaded bracelet from my mother, vintage watch bought from eBay.

Holy balls accessories sure can pad out a lot of what I wear in an outfit post- which means I have to write less for the commentary... I'm kidding, I'm kidding. This is the sort of outfit I would like to wear when cleaning my room- maybe without all the crazy necklaces and badges and a bandanna to keep my hair back but instead I wear boring sport shorts and a cotton shirt. My life is a lie and I'm a miserable hack! Anyway I'm probably being influenced by a Day of the Dead inspired shoot featured on Rookie Mag but I can't even be bothered applying eyeliner at this stage so there's definitely a lack of ornate face paint. So the necklace works well because it's like a low-hanging Frida Kahlo crown but without me having to learn how to braid my hair. That's right, I have laziness worked out to a Science.

Generally I'm a clean living kind of girl and leave my shirts hanging long to save grace and myself from any embarrassment, but in this case I had to show off the hip bone design of the leggings. It's actually what the back of the pelvis looks like, printed front and back. Ah the advantages of dating someone who's interested in the human body. So these are still probably my favourite leggings but with a little luck I hope to keep expanding my collection and collection some more crazy characters into my wardrobe. After storing everything away it does feel like a I have a ridiculous selection to choose from but somehow I still want more. Oh well, thems the breaks I guess.

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