Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rachel Rutt

Rachel Rutt is a little known Australian model to most of my international readers; a joyous figure you seldom see floating around in photo shoots. To me, she is more than all that and more intriguing than a figure and idol of "thinspiration". She consoles me of my biracial identity also being born to a Caucasian-Asian couple in a clash of cultures and culmination of East meets West. This genetic pooling of genes has blessed her with a glorious tan, darling freckles and long limbs; making her a prime patch of modelling "real estate". Oyster magazine have also revealed through the power of online posting she's an avid knitted adding more pulling power to her gamer equivalent of a quaint power bar. Her red carpet appearances and more intimate snaps when she has freedom of choice also unveil a unique and irreplaceable sense of style. There are colours and textures practically bouncing off the walls in what she wears, but in a distinct and controlled harmony. I think that takes real talent instead of simply pairing together high-brow brands together haphazardly.

Who's that gorgeous girl with soft, silken skin wrapped around a face of complete innocence? Why it's daring Rachel Rutt of course. Before you leap to any assumptions be warned. She's a multi-faceted and fascinating creature full of surprises. Models can often be caught up int he public eye, but without a personality or interesting hobbies I think they can easily become novel. I've admired Rachel Rutt for maybe a year or two now and every time I re-discover her I fall in lover all over again. I think she's stunning and perfect- for these reasons and many more she's probably one of my favourite local talents within the Oceania region and seeing her all over the shop drives me to often desperate and extreme measures. So, without further ado, let's dive in to a feast for the eyes and search for metaphoric gold in the form of photographs to treasure forever- shall we?

Some of the more quirky photographs mounted on to cute, little digital frames coloured by the chaos of trouble (and wild patterns) are from the goldmine that is Oyster magazine online. Oyster are also Australian like Rachel and feature some fabulous content both in the flesh and on the net for those who enjoy pushing the boundaries of fashion. After pushing they begin to prod, poke and niggle; after which they being flirting with Boundaries' boyfriend to generally be a sweet-faced pain in the ass. There's extravagant and luxuriant playing fire with expectations, but the prestige of a fashion editorial creates a magnificent royal pardon from any perceived wrong-doing. Obviously I admire Oyster immensely. Their connections with rising stars, both from the realms of models and the creative, kooky designers releases my anxiety of sitting alone in my bedroom in my own company on a Saturday night. In a weird and loserly way, it gives me hope. Because crazy things like floral and stripes can work together if you only know where to go; wish very hard and sprinkle a pinch of pixie dust over yourself. Intuition can probably lead you from there.

I haven't yet had the privilege to experience a "wild child" phase which at the moment simply feels like a lost avenue of opportunity. Through which I could discover outrageous and raunchy style that borders between the punk and the vintage aesthetic (wah). There's always the vision of motorcycles and leather tassels thrown in for good measure at the very mention of this teenage angst milestone- because what else can produce fashion-induced heart attacks in good-natured but middle-aged parents? Well perhaps trashing hotel rooms and general mischief when it comes down to poolside parties and mixers, but something tells me that's more of a young adult rebellion stage (so give it mid-twenties or apartment ownership at least). Anyway, I don't have a pool (or anyone close that does have one) so we're back to square one of black leather and tassels. May I just say that it's not a bad place to be stuck at for the moment either.

Sooner or later I'll need to kidnap and interrogate someone from Oyster to demand where all these beautiful platform boots are coming from and where I can get my hands on them (in my size). The real star of the show on the stage that is this photograph really should be a technicolour dream boat of a rug; made of different coloured fur swatches sewn together. This variety of colour is capitalised on by a well-placed ombre and fluffy vest which is even worn with matching jeans. My oh my, where and when does this dip dyeing fanfare end? Anyway, the point of all this literary nonsense is that Rutt's long and skinny legs seem to stretch the image by some interplanetary means. Like a black hole shifts light and matter around it, Rachel Rutt's general awesomeness distorts the setting and it all just becomes an exciting muddle. Oh I do love model appreciation blog posts and ranting...

Although I had previously seen the mouth-watering and sumptuous combination of neon orange and floral motifs brought together before, I hadn't liked it nearly as much as what I do now. Now, after having laid eyes on a floaty nightgown of a dress and honeysuckle dewy eyes more like that of a fawn in the forest. Pink and orange are my fallback girly best friend duo to fallback on when stuck in a particularly uninspiring rut, but the bright and textured approach transforms these two shades to a whole other party-ready spectrum of the imagination. The perfect female comb-over (well what else do you call hair pushed to one side?) without looking shocking and dowdy plus pink saddle purse are easy ways to win me over. Rachel Rutt too- she wins me over just about every time I encounter her pretty face online.

Rachel Rutt; perhaps the best lady ever to show off and advertise something as humble and iconic as the red Coca Cola can. But in all seriousness, is there anything she can't do? There's a new wave vibrance in this shot gleamed from the simple bright yellow and red tones and also the whole fast food phenomena of french fries on what appears to be a leotard. The styling appears to have a more London based origin, but no matter what she's wearing be it floral, stripes or sneakers she looks great in just about anything. I think that's what I enjoy so much about the performance of Rutt as a model and her stills- she has this quality of showmanship that has all been but lost from modelling (if it ever really existed there). Her star shines so bright it extends and illuminates so many different trends, textures and tailored designs it's enough to drive you mad with bother and wonder. I can only dream of seeing her walk on a runway in the flesh or be one of those fortunate few "hangers-on" sitting quietly in the background as a shoot progresses. That will be the day.

I first became aware of Rutt's willingness to bare all (or very close to it) when she did a campaign for lovely jewellery designer Billy Bride. The shoot had Rachel at her maximum level of ease and nonchalance- like finding a wild Panther in the wild before the abhorred observer effect kicks in. She was clad in thread-bare shirts and a romantic, post-modern gypsy vibe emitted in every which way and direction. It's refreshing to see a woman so comfortable in her own skin and at this level of intimacy with a photographer and crew. There's still the controversy about women showing this much skin and I don't want to open a can of worms here. All I'm saying is there's a level of self-assured confidence and if she's feeling any fear in front of the lens, she certainly doesn't show it. For this genre of photographs, Rutt is my favourite to play the part of the temptress with little-clothing and does it so well. If this is what your brand represents I'd advise you to chase after her the way I do mentally and on a pin board.

It's not often you see this particular model choked in a powdery sea consisting of eyeshadow and makeup unless under contract and part of a runway set of uniform models sharing the same aesthetic and presentation, and that's another thing that has caught my attention. What's more, I admire this about her since it only brings attention to what a unique being she is and how mixed heritages can bring about beauty and success in terms of looks. That's sort of a shallow thing to say, but when I was coming to terms about being half Asian but living in a Western society which was oblivious to these children she was like a shining beacon of comfort. So, thanks for existing Rutt. Back on the subject of the makeup dilemma, I can understand that many models are used as a blank canvas for other's to work with and transfer what they see in their imagination to something real. But with Rachel it tends to be the other way round since she's more of a photo shoot star than a runway participator. Instead makeup artists work with her looks to deliver an often toned down, naturalistic beauty who appears down to Earth and approachable. All of that simply equates to the perfect goddess of adorableness.

I think my brains just got blown out by the cutest piece of knitwear I ever did see and in all the land. I rescued a knitwear tank top myself just a few weeks ago now for four dollars but now I'm hungry to find more treasure in the form of colourful yarn donated in the name of charity and creating closet space. If only I had the ingenuity and insider wits of Ms. Rutt here maybe I could compete with the best of them but the only street smarts I share in are decent blogs. Also knowledge of where the best printed leggings reside. It's not all doom and gloom though if you are a clever clogs with supplies at hand then you too can be a crafty seamstress like Rachel and even knit your own creations. Would could be better than wearing something with pride that you made by hand with love in every stitch? OK, a wardrobe full of Meadham Kirchhoff would be nice but let's be reasonable here folks.

There's only a select few people I can think of brace and bold enough to wear a block-coloured, knitted maxi dress with blue hosiery and tan clogs. Wearing an outfit of this outrageous calibre is one thing- but to execute it with a look of angelic serenity is an entirely different matter (and a little new to me). Let's all take the time to thank social networking for delivering us this fabulous image of Rutt in her element; in what I like to imagine is a beer garden party with close friends. Also, have you ever seen a greyhound look so swanky and refined? My father often reminds me that they are spindly and sort of off and Whippets are even worse. I know they race in a sport held in high regard and esteem amongst gamblers but they're athletic bodies make for surprisingly good companions in photographs too.

A couple of falsely thatched eyebrows here and there- voila! You've got yourself a resemblance to possibly what us Mexico's most famous feminist painter, the Frida Kahlo. Some people might be upset by the imitation, but I can't think of anyone else I would rather choose in such a floral and festive setting. I really have a thing for embroidered flowers at the moment, so you can be sure I'll be chasing high and low to get my grubby mitts on that top. Rachel's nose piercings in contrasting metal tones of black and silver also add a nice edginess to the image but I am sorry to see the exclusion of iconic front braids with weaved ribbon and fresh flowers. If that is all I feel disappointed by, then I count that as a small blessing.

Dedicated Doctor Who fans or 'whovians' as they are sometimes collectively known as leap at the opportunity and the instance to identify a bow tie as a symbol of the current series and as a popular culture reference. But often I keep my fashion blog life and my nerd life as separate entities. I find lipstick a little troublesome and generally difficult to get enthused about but when I finally realise the potential I will unlock the key to transforming boring bowler hats and dapper bow ties into girly works of art. Wearing demure, semi-sheer blouses probably also helps the case along of reclaiming a man's wardrobe in the name of the glorious Feminist Cult Leader and figurehead: Venus. But working together sister's, it can be done! Have faith. Also have access to a well-stocked second hand shop in a posh suburb. That's my secret.

I've never been a big beach bum and sand-loving gal, but I know for sure that the next time I am free to play in the surf I'll practically demand a camera as a companion. Generally being green with envy is misdemeanour amongst the feminist sisterhood; any self-realised woman who feels happy to be themselves would tell you that. But is it really immoral to enjoy someone else's physique to the point where it motivates you? That can't be too much of a bad thing considering I've been happily sitting on my duff for goodness knows how long. Airy promises are made annually each Summer to go to the beach and enjoy the magical meeting point where the sand meets the sea. Now I'm even more fervent, hungry and above all needy to bring an outfit post to the sea. I can only hope to deliver something spectacular on such a lofty promise.

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