Monday, December 3, 2012

Princess Bubblegum and the Royal Back-Rubbing Ceremony


This is my entry for a giveaway, but I just thought I'd leave it here since it nicely exemplifies what it's like to have free time and a pencil in your hand. If you steal it I'll haunt you in your sleep or something or send my minion cats to do my bidding. *laughs evily* Anyway, I'm a big fan of Adventure Time and this is my second favourite costume on Princess Bubblegum, princess of the Candy kingdom and my chosen character to draw after Lumpy Space Princess since that was just too easy. The first costume I prefer PB to be in is her awesome Lady Gaga shoulder-pad lycra suit she wore to her Science Barbecue. I quite like her as a cupcake though with strawberry appliques on her skirt and puffed sleeves like a 1980s prom queen. I sometimes like to think she's my spirit animal because she has long hair and likes science just like I do, but I'm missing a cool tiara.

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