Friday, December 21, 2012

Pattern Pegasus

Wearing: Fairy princess tiara from childhood, check shirt bestowed from my father, Zara polka dot blouse, thrifted purple plaid skirt, socks from childhood, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, DIY clutch and Deadly Ponies Mr. Lure key chain charm.

There's only one feeling you can have when wearing platform shoes without heels in blue velvet: absolute divine power bestowed through fashion. I can't believe what a dingleberry I was to keep them away in their box for so long. But that time spent apart gave me time to realise where my heart really lies, and that is with Jeffrey Campbell of course. This is about the time I carve a heart into a tree and write some bad poetry, but that would also mean having to stop praising the midnight blue tone of the velvet on these shoes and how  cute they look with my little girl socks. I had these socks since I was five and they are still going strong- thank goodness because nothing else would have looked quite as cute with these unusual and alien-like shoes.

If my mother had seen so many different and obnoxious patterns thrown together all at once I am convinced she would demand I change my clothes. Hence the evil Terminator stare I'm giving to the camera. But here on my blog I can be myself and do as I like so if that includes digging up nostalgic relics from my youth and looking totally melancholy then so be it! This is generally what happens when I put on random clothes I see laying on top of one another when sorting out my wardrobe the few times a year it actually happens. I'm just glad I took the effort to uncover the Gaga looking heels because they're so soft to the touch and the moody blue tone just relaxes me when there is a lack of colour in an outfit. Also it goes nicely with the best key chain ever, made by Deadly Ponies which looks like a dead furry thing. Hooray!

This is probably the best photograph I've taken to date of these shoes so let's all just slow clap it out and make me feel like a special snowflake. It does make me feel grateful at least that the weather this Summer has so far been gentle and I am not stuck in a frozen tundra and layered in countless clothes out of necessity.Without a weekly experiment and run of the Chemistry labs at university this is the best I can manage in throwing things together and hoping for the best and seeing what the result is like. I'm lounging a lot in the shirts I rescued from my father clearing out his wardrobe and they're not quite the tacky Hawaiian ilk which is good because plaid is my new best friends. I'd proudly state that it's because of reading many great blogs put on by girls of similar tastes and interests.

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