Saturday, December 22, 2012

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Wearing: DIY Crown, Bart Simpson sweater from MyLikeZoo (etsy), vintage pink Levi's shorts, Jelly Beans plastic pink sandals.

I'm doing nothing but chilling and killing time at the moment so I'm wearing a surprisingly pink flavoured outfit today which is luckily offset by my favourite sweater. It's not the real McCoy you've seen worn by Grimes but for $50 it's not half bad and does add a certain third eye mysticism to whatever I wear- no matter how pink and girly that may be. This was a sanity break I took from cleaning my room (or at least rearranging and tidying) and for the rest of the day I have to wash my sheets and make my bed...I have to power through all this stuff though because for once I am in the mood to clean and that practically never happens and during semester I don't have time. SO- to not feel like a lazy sloth I'm going to busily back and forth from my room and other places in the house and I really should put the Christmas tree up before we just exchange gifts without it too.

Can you tell I like my new DIY crown just a little bit? The smug look says it all I think. But I can't help it, I'm pretty damn proud of it and have already planned the next design which includes some small daisy/ sunflower things which will be on a bed of silver pipe cleaners. If I don't get through massacring an entire fake bouquet today then I will probably do it tomorrow adding on some fake leaves too for added nature texture. Otherwise I'll wear this one to death and everyone will become pretty bored- but here it is the new apple of my eye aside from my favourite sweater and top and skirt. I have too many favourite things at the moment- I need to become tough and cynical and start watching Daria again methinks.

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