Monday, December 24, 2012

Mrs. Claus

Wearing: DIY Crown, Crochet Christmas Stockings made by my grandmother, Vintage blouse bought off eBay, Miss Shop polka dot sweater, tartan skirt my old school uniform, socks from childhood and Jelly Beans plastic sandals.

I'll make this message short since it's Christmas and you should all be spending time surrounded by family and friends, not in the lonely glow of a computer screen and gorging yourself on sweet food, plus a little eggnog. So have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year or if you're not inclined towards Christianity have a wonderful Winter Solstice. Look after each other and be kind because this is just a special day no matter what you believe and what denomination you belong to. Or alternatively go out to the driving range because today is the one day you can play golf for free and no one will tell you off. The advantages of having a best friend who lived across a golf course...

The best part of decorating our Christmas tree is that I get to play and goof off with these little darling stockings were made by my grandmother for us. She passed away about seven years ago now and I wish I had gleamed a little more knowledge and wisdom from her when she was alive, but she was a smart woman who knew her way around a crochet hook. She also made me and my brother Banana in Pyjamas coat hangers which are still my favourite things in my wardrobe for the sentimental value and kicks. Anyway, this is about as Christmassy as the outfits will probably get because I don't want to alienate or disturb anyone and in the new year I'll go back to dressing like an estranged teen witch all the time. Until then, try to lay off the ham and turkey.


  1. Love the tartan skirt! Love how you still use it, school uniforms can be cool :P And the pattern on the blouse is awesome

  2. gorgeous post! merry christmas!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog