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Merry Jenny Summer/ Spring 2013

Once again I am left cursing the language barrier separating me from gorgeous, high-spirited clothes that even outshine the Sugar Plum Fairy. Merry Jenny appears to hail from Japan (I think... The characters won't load and all that's left are d little empty boxes on my screen) so I can't do a great deal of reading up on the background- but what I can say is that the future of fashion in Asia looks bright and tantalizingly sweet! There is an awful lot of pastel to take in and surprisingly no footwear accompanying the release of this collection but I believe the bold choice was in the best interests of this mood and atmosphere. When was the last time you saw a forest sprite steeped in romanticism and beauty with high heels? Never. It ruins the connection with nature and the dainty figure and kills it with a stiletto spike. Instead we have floral vines coiled delicately around figures with crazily long hair in fantasy colours, but I wonder what the clothing would be reduced to without the garlands and floral barrettes but in terms of aesthetics on the whole it's really well composed and there's unity across each look. It appeals to the inner child, fairy princess in all of us and makes fairy floss-like taffeta skirts oh so marketable.

The rounded faces and perfect hair of the models eerily reminds me of the big-headed Blythe dolls that I am once again becoming fascinated with. I think the biggest attraction to his miniature world is that their eye colours are interchangeable with the pull of a string and their world is one free of regrowth. I love unnaturally coloured hair and this is probably the biggest contributing factor for this collection. Floral garlands, dainty lace and floral motifs are Spring cliches but the soft sprinkle of a Kawaii touch and very feminine tones does the trick. Also the sheer veils with ribbon trims in a characteristic bridal style appeals to the deconstructed bride wannabes and the hopeless romantics out there. I think white hair is under-rated and too often confused with the process of aging which I would like to point out is natural and nothing to be ashamed about. I guess it is annoying to have to deal with all of your hair not being the same colour though in something you have no control over.

The roving photographers on duty for this collection and runway extravaganza also seemed a little preoccupied with the divine pink Princess Bubblegum approach to the model presentation. I like the way it adds to a memorable show and general dreaminess unless someone throws a curve ball into the mix by sending a smouldering stare down the barrel of the camera. But they're too wrapped in pink sugary goodness like an over-protective parent with bubble wrap for that to become overly apparent. Like a good twist in the middle of a story and a change in pace of a narrative I like to see something dark and sinister thrown into the end of a collection as sweet as this- it makes you think and reconsider what the message is overall and whether everything cute and sweet at the start was just a farce. There's tiny tulle flowers and pink curls everywhere in this collection without reprieve and a breathe of fresh air. To some, that is a dream come true. I just wanted to see something more daring than the pretty princess fantasy brought to life in front of my very eyes.

What I like most about this particular outfit is the floral banner sewn onto both the blouse and pants like a beauty queen title or good, old-fashioned mayoral sash. The editorial shoots from Rookie Mag Yearbook One have been really inspiring lately and the common theme of young women lends itself to many trends in versatile settings. I see a little bit of that enthusiasm in this outfit since it's so simple- it reminds me of the glory days in high school and working away on the sewing machines bringing ideas to life. Things didn't quite come together they way you wanted to but the trial and error environment was nurturing. The prints and blouse are simple but at the same time naively ambitious- that's exactly the energy I imagine of a fairy sprite like those replicated on the runway in the form of dressed up models.

My mother is the big admirer of period pieces featuring blouses with ruffles all down the front- but on rare occasions when I feel arthritis setting into my fingers from tireless typing I too sit down and watch. I feel all the more enlightened knowing there is a different side to grey other than the sombre and respectful. In the right light and with the right materials it can be soft, flow and romantic and not just the blur of everyone's favourite snuggly sweatshirt. Maybe it is actually a shade of lilac made a little darker but I do rather love this outfit and the skirt. It reminds me of another Asian fashion label titled Sretsis from Thailand- run by three sisters that also dance on that knife edge of girly and feminine and mysterious. I have all round good feelings about Merry Jenny despite it know being January.

Rainbow and tulle combined together in such a way can only mean one thing: Rainbow coloured ice cream all round. Although I probably shouldn't say things like that when white skirts are involved and I have the motor skills of a dishevelled crack addict. For the record I haven't even smoked a tobacco cigarette in my life, I'm just a general mess when it comes to eating a lot of the time. The bust of this dress is pretty much perfect and a lot cheaper than the Prabal Gurung tulle collection I wrote about a while back... but I sense this is the cheaper alternative. Also with this dress you can probably run around wearing a fairy princess tiara and a wand and no one will bat an eyelid if you pick the right setting.

Confession time guys: I've really wanted a Blythe doll with hot pink hair for a couple of months now. But I don't think I deserve it because my room is not the haven I dreamed of creating. I just really struggle to express myself creatively when it comes to encompassing all aspects of my life and feeling really happy with the results. While I continue to struggle with this ideas in my head I'll continue watching series produced by HBO who are the best thing ever and fashion shows. Also it seems that my new favourite colour is pink and it has been for a while but now is probably the best time to recognise that. I'm not sure if there's anything special about it- it just seems to resonate well with me at the moment. Also I have the secret ambition to become a My Little Pony figurine circa 1990 so this collection helps me precariously live through that fantasy but minus the hooves. My mother expressed suspicion over my love for floral and whether it was genuine. Clearly she doesn't know a lot about what I buy or the real reasons why I want to go to Japan.

Mermaid skirts are one of the trademarks of 2012- but I still love this new take on the trend with the addition of a tulle petticoat underneath and multi-layered ruffles around a sheer trail. Unf. I actually want to drench that in the water of the sea for poetic and artistic reasons- but at the moment I am still limited to an out of date camera and am without work still so... I'll need to postpone that. I also admire the faint, ghostly watermarked tights featuring the floral motif that became second nature and intrinsic in it's prolific use within this collection and those three-dimensional tulle flowers used to highlight the cut out shoulders of the blouse. I'm still heartbroken and aching over reaching 2013 without a tulle skirt though; and I've been imitating the ballerina style for months now. Maybe Merry Jenny can help solve my problems with a cute and sugary slice of pie from their collection.

For some disturbing and unbeknownst reason to me this dress cinched at the waist with Robin's egg blue satin makes me think of square dancing. Which is even odder because I clearly know nothing about the subject what so ever. Well whatever. Maybe it's the bold emphasise of an hour glass figure the likes of which I have not seen for heaps and heaps of collections. At the moment everyone is obsessed with 1960s and 1970s inspired aesthetic including shapeless smock dresses. So this is true to itself and uncompromising in terms of structure-which is totally awesome. Brownie points are also awarded to white but sheer long sleeves which proves in Summer you can still cover most of your body and the butterflies on the left lapel coloured in the most delightful shade of butterscotch. Butterflies are a little difficult to cleverly use in fashion without being either dowdy or childish. I think this fits in perfectly with the pre-existing themes already set out by this collection but they could have monopolised on it more by covering a turban or pillbox hat with fake butterflies. Oh well- that will just have to be one of my DIY ideas. Heh heh... *rubs hands together*

One word ladies: Promcoming. Oh my glob, I totally forgot! Why combine the two events into one and rob yourself the opportunity to dress up twice? Because having to choose between Prom and Homecoming is far too difficult and we're all very busy people (so multi-tasking is best). I live in the faraway land of Australia where very little people are interested in fashion and the country is as marred with strong accents as they are with flies. People who live in the city can't dress nicely because the weather changes it's mind as much as I change outfits in a day. With that said, I refuse to give up hope about big parties and exciting things because if I bothered I could probably go to university events with friends. I am just too darn lazy. Also something with such a puffy skirt would be difficult to stuff into my already overcrowded wardrobe but I would love to wear it with black knee high socks and a leather garter. There's a lot of goth and perversion of stereotypes running through my mind like a hot storm at the moment. It's mainly being expressed through muddled and mixed metaphors as well as bad drawings.

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