Saturday, December 1, 2012

Magic Girl

It’s six in the morning, outside looks depressing but I’m still in a bit of a rainbow mood, whatever that means, so I guess I’ll be trying to orchestrate some colourful outfit posts and lay my clothes out in my room all day in a bid to sparingly spend money over the Internet. It’s just so difficult with so many cyber Monday sales afoot and a dangerous self-assurance that I will have more work this week to make up for any loss. There are some genuine bargains to be had, but as usual shipping is killing me in order to extract the best vintage pieces all the way from America. The good news is as we approach Christmas the postal service steps up their productivity tenfold so anything I do wait for will arrive before the holy holiday and therefore be at my disposal during the January blogging month (i.e. a time when everyone goes to work and I’m left around the house for my own to muck around). Now that’s what I call a decent holiday- hunching over a computer in the dark with nary a distraction from my task.

If I can’t find amazing components and building blocks for a new wardrobe when I go op shopping tomorrow I can at least pick up a few candles to make my room more shriney and ceremonial. That’s like a rule isn’t it? Every second hand shop has to hold on to a ceramic set of plates that never matched even when they were given to them and there’s got to be some candles somewhere. While I’ve already given up on these candles ever smelling anything other than moth balls and the musk of a mature woman I would be pretty happy with something scented in the way of vanilla or a fruit. My name is Adele and when I can’t eat ice cream I burn wax instead to subsidize the experience but I’m guessing I type enough to burn off an army of calories anyway.

I’m actually torn over baroque inspired hosiery at the moment and buying more substantial articles of clothing such as fur coats, dresses and skirts and it’s images like these that make my head hurt even more than it did before because the girl gang of sandals, tights and socks is just so perfect. I sort of had a girl gang in high school but it’s not like we had a dress code or anything since we were all so different and even the Fashion Club in Daria didn’t dress to the same level of coordination as this. It’s all a bit too much lovely for me to handle at once and shames my selection of socks and leggings- I bet when I was a little girl my mother made me wear this sort of thing on a daily basis but what happened to that time-honored tradition of wearing baby doll dress with sandals and a princess tiara? Now those days were the best- matching sets were handed to you on a silver platter and just about everyone had to say you looked adorable anyway.

What would a magical mind-trip be without a little bit of Springfield’s favourite millionaire miser, Mr. Burns posing as an alien and swaying about the place like a willow tree in a thunder storm? Also his eyes are crazy huge in this and that’s what rainbows tend to do when I’m bored enough/ forgetful that we have that many colours and they sometimes like to combine all at once. On a sour note a colourful and fluffy scarf I have been dying to buy from Jeremy Scott went on sale and sold out when I thought there were plenty of units and I am looking for something sharp like a porcupine to now run in to and impale myself on. I can only hope that some ingrate in the next two months will post it on eBay as an unwanted Christmas gift and I will be then able to scream down descending upon it like a victorious hawk and finally feel happy about the ordeal. I am in less of a happy Mr. Burns mood now then I was at the start of this paragraph and I’m not amused either.

Boys that look prettier than I do even on a good day are an ever-evolving muse on Tumblr it seems but maybe it’s not realistic to have some blue in your hair, a studded necklace and a pink tie dye shirt. I wouldn’t mind any of that for myself but sometimes the whole cyber punk trend can get a little confronting. Also huge creeper boots are expensive and it requires a solid aesthetic dedication that I'm not ready to give yet; I instead like to drift amongst trends like a piece of wood in the beach tide.It’s a good thing a floral garland is there to offer something comforting and familiar to my teenage girl sensibilities and I have been in a pretty pink obsessed mood anyway so… I know I named this post magical girl; but that’s merely because I’m sort of feminist fuelled in a way but not unintentionally trying to bash the reputation of men. I just don’t expect them to exist in the same aesthetic appeal as a unicorn.

Lord knows I can’t draw anything as vivid or telling-of-my-soul as swirls in a sea of finely penned black, but what I can do is animals and what could represent a tortured teenage mind then a grouchy cat with an equally grouchy banner? I don’t hate you though reader, unless you happen to coach basketball and swear at me on a weekly basis but given the great expanse of the world that is a pretty unlikely scenario. While it’s true I am a happy little Vegemite a lot of the week it’s my top-up of complaints and fights that I could do without, but if you think my situation is bad you should see what happens to the people in the higher management division of our organization. That’s scary stuff.

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