Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lindsey Wixson

Oh I just love a good rags to riches story, don't you dear reader? Then you'll love the story of Lindsey Wixson; she was chased around by a girl gang and made fun of for being lanky and gap-toothed (referred to sadly as "a parking lot") but now she's walking the runways with the best of them. Booked by some names such as Miu Miu, Prada, Versace, Chanel, Alexander McQueen and above shown in Louis Vuitton it seems that making career decisions at the tender age of twelve really can pay off! And here I am singing the praises of Daria about how stupid the system is and being haunted by life decisions made prematurely. Well it seems Ms. Wixson just had and has a face beauty editors would practically die for sporting her trademark 'bee-stung pout' but her journey was not without perseverance and persistence. 

Her parents even took out a loan to move from Kansas to Los Angeles and she was rejected by several agencies such as IMG Models because "casting directors thought her looks would not translate well on and off the runway". Well it seems they were wrong though because at just fifteen her first job was an appearance in Vogue Italy. How cool is that!? Her debut walk was at a little thing, maybe you've heard of it called New York Fashion Week all the way back in 2010 in which she opened for Prada spring and closed for Miu Miu. She's uncompromising, modest and was crowned the title of teen supermodel at the age of seventeen. This is not exactly her entire story- it is instead a cobbled together Frankenstein account of my adoration of her because what could be better in the lead up to Christmas than looking at fashion editorials? Well, practically anything for a normal and sane person. But you're in my domain now! Muahahaa. 

Maybe it's just the brainwashing from investigating other insanely unique and quirky models that love perverting the glamour of runways and winking/ goofing off instead but I do love this spread for i-D magazine a lot. When lugging books back and forth from home and university I come across common outfits of leather jackets strewn over hooded jumpers and I feel the tedium of suburbia sinking in to my own sense of style and fashion but the well-practiced wink shown above and glossy camel tone sort of eases my unrest about comfy clothing. It helps when a world-famous model that's still just a rising star wears the look and looks so adorable you wish you could just take her home but still- I have faith in  Lindsey Wixson for sort of pioneering the individual looks and rights of a model which in a way paves the path for over stunningly unique, characteristic and charismatic young ladies to inch their way into the fashion world.

Seeing short, powdery hair tied up in a sensible, low-hanging ponytail with a sensible black bow makes me think of dried up and stale history books about Washington crossing the Delaware rather than a fashion show but pink eyeshadow and a well placed fake tattoo can smooth things over so well. I've been afraid to try eyeshadow ever since an early fiasco when experimenting with the tricky stuff, but this sort of evokes a feeling of hope and fanfare in my heart again? I can't believe she was initially turned down for not conforming to the typical model look; yeah she's different but those lips and cute as a button nose are what she seems to have built her esteem on. While I do think that soft curls are better suited to emphasising her peculiar features, I guess I'm just a little more accustomed to seeing Wixson with the perfect cherub style and flair. That's not to say she doesn't look bitchin' though and in the best use of the word possible.

Damn this tanned complexion and inability to keep my skin pasty white. Why am I cursing my heritage you ask? Well as much as I do like the warmth of the sun kissing me gently, it does make wild colours like lilac, dark green and cherry red an unsightly mess. Dark green hair has never looked so tempting and agreeable in the backstage vanity mirror. Or perhaps the secret ingredient that I am really looking for here is the seductive wink without the cheesiness of a mozzarella stick. It's hard not to breed a certain type of teenage girl cheesiness when all you have to work with is a cheap compact camera and that of a laptop and tablet. An unwillingness to pose in front of the camera when all you can say is 'ew' is also probably a contributing factor to the aversion.

Imagine a world where instead of a young Olivia Newton John playing the role of Rydell High's favourite sweetheart, Sandy Dee, there was Ms. Wixson instead. OK, maybe to simplify things like lines and musical routines to fit in with an overloaded schedule replace the movie dialogue with a fashion collection which makes transitions from sweet and long 1950s inspired skirts and saddle shoes to black leather pants and electric hair extensions. Can someone just make this happen? Obviously taking to someone like an agent would be helpful or a Broadway buff might also help but let's open up some dialogue here people. Even if you can't compete with the original, I insist that someone steal my idea and make a multi-faceted and changing collection representing teenage years to young adulthood in a vintage style please! I can only survive of teenage-angst shots of models and wild colours in their hair for so long before I break out the hair dye again which, need I remind everyone is dangerous. Especially for someone as blind-sighted by model beauty standards such as myself for the moment.

I can't wait to try this look guys- there will be the fun and merriment of my poking my eye out with a lovely shade of sky blue face paint and being blinded with pretty colours. Juts kidding. But not really kidding either. I guarantee you there definitely won't be a look of flawless skin and deep dimples on my face or shiny radiance like Lindsey does- even when hampered wearing the most muted tones. I don't know, I just find brown a difficult delinquent to deal with sometimes. Back to critiquing I don't think there have ever been such a perfect set of dimples on the earth. I myself only have one functioning dimple on my face, but a matching pair on my lower back: how freaky ooo-eee-ooo. I suppose it's for this dimple ridden reason I'm smitten with Lindsey Wixson but I'm also entranced by her transformations between porcelain doll-like characteristics and a teen on the cusp of womanhood and great things. I think she takes on both these roles with a sense of maturity and professionalism beyond her years and that's what's captured the hearts of the fashion obsessed, youth-hugging society of today.

I couldn't find a better photograph exemplifying this, but Lindsey also wears some of the cutest cat eye glasses you'll have ever seen without looking like an overbearing art teacher. Her soft honey brown hair and pixie cute nose just makes her look like the youngest and most successful crazy cat lady in existence.The pretty background behind her littered with ornamental vases does certainly steer her reputation towards fine arts; but she seems to glow and outshine everything else surrounding her. It's been another bumper year for Lindsey and without nary a costume malfunction or I'll-fated step to haunt her name, I hope her fairy tale ride continues well into 2013 and we continue to hear only wonderful things about her.

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  1. She is quite beautiful. And I have those teeth too haha.


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