Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kitschfolk Und Kindheit by Anna Langdon

You can tell the above images were taken by me, because they are so awful and at a slant. Anyway, at the start of the year I won a ticket to the Sportsgirl showcase for graduate collections in Australia at Melbourne Fashion Week and I took some bad photographs of good clothing. I was also offered champagne which was exciting and have finally decided to acknowledge just how lazy I am and the great delay in reporting on what I saw. It's been literally months and I've had nothing to do for weeks now so that makes it all the worse. My favourite collection was presented by Anna Langdon from the Sydney Institute of TAFE since she had some of the cutest and quirkiest, recognisably Australian motifs and clothes I genuinely wanted to buy and wear. And I still want to buy them because parrot motif sweaters and skirts would look great for Summer and have been in a colour amorous mood as far as my own dress sense is concerned.

Here marks the start of using better, professional quality photographs because using what I took from the event myself would only embarrass this gorgeous and hard-working designer; which is the opposite of what I want to wish upon her. What really grabbed my attention was the disjointed, experimental and exploratory nature of the Langdon into clothing design, the reflections of her personal life and in particular the homes of her family and friends used as inspiration. I just hate to see one idea churned out when it doesn't really grab my attention to begin with, but that complaint is definitely not aimed at Ms. Anna at all. On the contrary, you can see her heart and soul went into her graduate collection and something uniquely Australian in her designs. I found the perfect replica of this vest and I can only pray that it fits me after a year's health kick since I can't find the original for sale anywhere. The vest paired with this bird print shirt and pant piece just shows off some of the fauna you see from the country including the Rainbow Rosella; a favourite to reappear later. The inclusion just seemed to ground-breaking to me as no other fashion designer from Australia includes such iconic aspects of the national identity into the clothing they make and it's just so refreshing.

The piece which I will be begging Santa for since I've been such a good girl this year still remains to be this cuckoo clock inspired sweater. I was captivated by it when I first saw it, it was my favourite piece of ALL the graduation collections showcased that evening and there's just something so cool about it. Maybe it's because it takes the Flavor Flav clock necklace to the next level but in the form of a chic, Winter  sweater embellished with what looks to be a leather trim at the hemline and enormous chocolate brown shoulders but it's sort of clunky and awkward- but immortalised in soft material. I think it's totally gorgeous, including the dangling detail of chains and attached pine cone shaped charms along the pattern of this jumper. Also roman numerals are super classy- even if the font of almost the same name absolutely sucks.This piece could only be made better (debatable) if there was a crochet bird or something popping out of a little door on the front, but I think now I'm just longing for dioramas and am getting carried away in the thrill of it all.

There's so much to love about this bright and colourful look- from the androgynous gingham printed kilt worn with that pearly pink  headpiece (which partly because it reminds me of a fantastic ornate deer) to the stockings and knitted sweater. It's the middle of sweater and I am still refusing to swap long pants for shorts and skimpy singlet tops- I want cosy sweaters to snuggle into for all eternity and pretty colours of girly tea all year round! Following the advice of my hero Tavi Gevinson I also want to spike my wardrobe with more pieces that are interesting and conversation starters- since last night was only a testament of how much I loathe the night life and preferred the curled-up-in-a-ball-on-the-couch life. But in that scenario instead of worrying about drunk girls throwing up everywhere and throwing chairs of off balconies (yes, that actually happened) I'll be in danger of dropping chocolate ice cream everywhere. I prefer, and will always prefer, the latter until I'm eighty-seven and surrounded by cats.

Also in case you missed some of the finer details in all the glitzy distraction of a runway, I also featured some photo shoot images for Anna Langdon's collection since it's been on my mind rather a lot lately. When I first scoped out the collections and what I would see before the big night I was really excited over seeing this jacket on the clothes rack and an excited Anna in the foreground. I was going through a big phase of mountain landscapes used into clothing and already had a skirt and matching blouse (still do but they're wretchedly small on me) so this sort of heightened that love and longing but with a parrot themed lapel. Also- bright sparks of wine coloured embroidery which looks so smouldering and sexy and a bright orange border around that statement collar. OK I am suitably cool with all of those quirky additions. It was really nice to see Langdon tackle and balance within this collection: fun, quirky and casual pieces versus suave, seductive, tall-dark-and-handsome dresses and suits. There was something for everyone except people as narrow-minded as my mother who did not come with me to fashion week. I'm still in debt to my boyfriend for being my plus one that night...

I can definitely relate to the chunky and thick horseshoe motif used as a stunning centre piece for this outfit- something I may have missed when viewing the show unleashed at the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week. My grandmother's house out way in the sticks had a few horseshoes here and there, a definite ruggedness that you just don't find squirreled away in the suburban areas and a love for knitting and crochet. The combination of pleated lace (how magnificently wonderful is it that the material can be combined with the effect to create the most delicate hemline EVER!?) and lilac stars of many points has me really won over. Although I'm won over, I can't help but not feel a little cheated I didn't get to see this majestic beauty gracing the runways all those many months ago so that I could salivate and praise Langdon sooner.

The mixture of a leather/ suede combination cape, copper hair held under the halo of a white brimmed hat and thickly layered, complex eyeshadow makes me dream of an era when Twiggy reigned supreme. I'm usually not turned on by this particular shade of peacock teal, but the use of materials together, the buckle across the collar and those thick tan leather panels really did swing my opinion a lot. I never really gave much thought to that level of design when going through high school and in my own outfits but it does play a more prominent role in what I choose to wear daily at the moment. Something as luxurious as this would definitely make a great present for any young graduate since it just seems to scream glamour at the top of its lungs and suggests sunglasses and handsome gloves should be worn in combination with it. Like a movie star disembarking a train back in the days of old when they were the main mode of swift transport from A to B.

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