Friday, December 21, 2012

Kate Rohde

First off the bat, I did not make a spelling mistake in the name of this artist. I would rather die than make a spelling error! If I have, I'd like to blame Edition X for being a sort of bad influence, but not really because they sell amazing stuff and are one of the many reasons I would be a broke girl if I had less self-control. Unfortunately I am boring and have self-control and save my money as much as I can for holidays and concert tickets and junk which means less on clothing and jewellery... Anyway, that's enough on me and the etiquette of English and now on to the pretty glittery stuff. Further disclaimer- I'm writing all this lovely, curly, unhealthy praise stuff because I FEEL LIKE IT and I am not getting anything in return (ha- not even in my dreams...) And blogging makes me happy and my website is like a cool catalogue of everything I wanted to buy at the time-like a diary. 

So it's come to my attention that there are certain categories of items that drop off in quality as far as shopping on Etsy is concerned, and the resin niche is definitely a whooping great big whole. That's in no way to discredit the site and the community because it's full of lovely sellers who actually understand how to give proper customer service and the Paypal checkout system is the smoothest I've ever seen but if that online market had kicked off as all these artists emerged it would be so much richer in quality. Oh well. I still enjoy the challenge of hunting for hard working artists crossing over in the medium of fashion and Kate Rohde is a spectacular example who has worked with the likes of Romance was Born on their 'Renaissance Dinosaur' collection. For those not in the loop with Australian designers, Romance was Born are excentric and create elaborate and amazing pieces and blew all other collections out of the water at Sydney Fashion Week. So... getting to work with them has definitely done wonders for Kate Rohde in terms of her profile as an artist.

All the images used in this post were sourced from the Edition X website and profile of Kate Rohde- hence why I can't show off a decent picture of all her one-off pieces. That's right, every bangle is unique and some of them have already been sold off to be adopted by happy little homes but I think the earrings are less exclusive. There's a general aspect of fauna or geology incorporated into the resin designs, but it's the use of colour Kate Rohde uses that has really captured my imagination and can convey different moods. It's difficult to find a really versatile piece within this collection but I think for someone considering a purchase that makes the experience even more immersing and seeking out diversity in the collection is really fun. I already have in mind what my favourites are but goodness knows how I'll manage to afford anything at the moment. 

You see this baby right here? This amazing and majestic piece of clear resin with glitter on the inside and pointed stalagmites that could put even mother nature to shame? I call dibs. I can't afford to buy it and especially not now because my mother just bought my Soundwave ticket so I'm even more broke than usual but this is still the unreachable star I'm aspiring to once all this festive holiday craziness settles down and I'm back to slaving away working like a half mad donkey. I think it would be well worth it since I haven't splurged on a piece of jewellery and treated myself to something that wasn't clothing in a while now... But with that said I've been shopping twice in two weeks and have spent something to the tune of one hundred and fifty dollars so it's best I slow down and take it easy on the old wallet hey?

As a general rule of them, the higher the stack of geodes on the bangle or the more ornate the piece- the higher the price. With that said though if you really fall in love with a particular colour scheme or design I would suggest you don't compromise and instead work your butt off because these are the types of arty-farty pieces that women tend to fall in love with in their mid-50s. Think of it as a stylish investment piece that will go through life with you, patiently waiting in that vanity box or on the dresser waiting to add colour to whatever ensemble you put together. Now I'm not as keen on bangles as my mother is and often have a little trouble maneuvering the heavy weight on my wrist and I can't address the feel of this pieces but I am charmed by the irregular shape of the bangle itself. It's not perfectly circular and suggests that it isn't mass produced in a sweatshop farm in China but instead by an industrious artist looking to branch off in a different direction working with the same materials.

Some of the tri-colour bangles are just so dreamy they have me wishing for Pina Coladas by the beach- and I say that as someone who does not go to the beach very often or drink unless friends are involved. What's so attractive to me about this designer is that balance between a bright colour tincture in the design and also letting the light really saturate the tone of the resin. The pieces look good enough to eat when photographed professional and I can only hope they measure up if I'm ever lucky enough to get my hands on one in the flesh. The more complex three-colour combinations also make wearing a difficult colour like yellow less formidable and easily integrated into whatever you wear as long as a cute smile and bubbly personality is involved. Or you could just be the next Enid Coleslaw and throw people off by being the next big artistic designer and a rebel feminist girl from the suburbs. It's your call.

Some of these combinations and descriptions remind me a lot of the cheesy lip balms I was so keen on collecting as a pre-teen. Above is the aptly named "watermelon" bangle which has distinct clashes of lime green and a fluorescent red that reminds me so much of milk bar sour lollies. If you enjoy the trip of illicit substances (not that I have knowledge of that kind of culture) perhaps you may want to hide these baby away in case you gnaw or suck on it seeking flavour until your precious resin gem has eroded away. I say this having grown up from being a four year old girl who sucked on her frog charm necklace until she flattened the damn thing out of habit. Also these jewellery pieces look good enough to eat, so in the right mind frame maybe you could be tempted to try it out.

For those not totally thrilled by the intense and lavish display of colour- fear not. Rohde has also designed and crafted by hand, some romantically soft and sensitive pieces in more subdued pastel tones. Can I just say what a gorgeous dark green this is and how spectacular it looks as the centre piece of this bangle? They look like baby emeralds picked off in their prime or another member of that gemstone family of beryl. Since I've been so good and retained obviously a lot of information from the past year of university... can i get this Santa Claus? Please? I promise I was good and I've been trying really hard to become a better student and worker.

This statement could potentially backfire on me and upset some animal activists across many different nations but I really love the transition from pink to green to purple in this bangle. It reminds me of oil slicks on wet roads- and not when they are maiming fairy penguins or baby seals in the ocean. It's about this time of year I delve into the world of artists becoming jewellers and I'm always taken aback by the beauty of their techniques. I've seen swirling resin freezing one colour mingling in another but this technique by Kate Rohde shows an almost seamless movement from one colour to another. Just when you think you've seen it all and there's a lot to see and take in, you suddenly find yourself struggling to mentally prioritise and process all these delicious bangles and even some sweet earrings too. This may be a rare case of having too much of a good thing- but just a reminder that some of these beauties have already been sold long ago so that limits one's choice just a bit.

While laying out my wardrobe for some more outfit posts I sighed and told myself "you just don't see enough yellow and purple together these days". Then I was reminded of this glorious, miniature halo of plastic goodness and all that melancholy went away. You can already see at the edges where the two colours meets a distinctive and fine film of olive green and also at some of the pointed edges, but the way the material catches the light makes the hue even more charming. This is another one of my favourites, and being one of the thinner stream line bangles it's a little less expensive which is great because I need all the help I can get! The purple and yellow combo also has some pretty good nostalgia hanging around it for me- when I was in primary school all the cute boys I had crushes on for a seven year period played for the local football club: the Vermont Eagles and their team colours were- you guessed it: purple and yellow. I didn't grow up to be the girlfriend or wife of a footballer but I'd still like to show my local spirit in a small and secretive way.

Ah watermelon- a steadfast Summer favourite fruit to serve on a platter and a distinctly fun design to adopt when being artsy and creative. Pink and green seems so odd at first when put together colouring as a kid, but then after almost two decades of life you see a breath-taking product image and all doubt in your mind is erased. OK, that might be just a bit of an exaggeration but I really love this piece with it's two shades of green and opaque pink.In fact, it makes me want to make a My Little Pony inspired DIY Crown. I like this piece so much I want to turn it into a doorknocker so anyone who visits can see how wonderful it is- but that probably won't work out well since I'd end up damaging this dainty treasure.

I haven't bought into the Mayan apocalypse craze too much, but just as a friendly reminder that I survived a potential nuclear warfare situation how about a pair of radioactive green earrings? They would look so chic when worn next to a silk scarf wrapped as a headband or for the heavily tattooed goddess a rockabilly touch. I love imagining the different looks and versatility of clothing, but it's even more impressive to see the ability to sit snugly in different niches of style and clothing. I believe these earrings have a certain "star factor" about them and should be entered in the artist equivalent talent search for X-Factor or something cheesy.

Have a gelatin intolerance that you just can't shake? Tired of staring wistfully at opaque desserts with light bouncing off their pristine, colourful surfaces and wanting to get in the action? Look no further than the miniature range of gem stack earrings, ornately presented on a silver post and the best news of all is that they cost less than a hundred bucks each. I already know I'm a lost cause when it comes to changing earrings and I just stick with my mother's hand-me-downs which seem to do the job, but if you're an aspiring art teacher or simply love colour coordination I suggest you buy as many as these earrings as you can to change with your outfit everyday. If I dyed my hair many times a year I would probably also try to match hair with earrings too.

For those inclined towards the secret art of good interior decorating, the likes of which I know nothing of because I am still a silly nineteen year old who lives at home, there is also the choice of work more familiar to those within the Romance was Born circle and sculptural art. The set shown above costs a hefty six hundred dollars, and each individual piece costs under one hundred is my understanding. They would certainly make for unique and mystic paper weights but with so much of modern writing done online I can't say they would do a lot of good for paper but a great deal of ornate inspiration to those lucky enough to be invited to cosy abodes. I picture coffee tables with fascinating and topical books nestled neatly between these spectacular shining beacons of imitation geology.

For those who keep up to date with my outfit posts section of this blog, you know I love my resin rose necklace to death. therefore I was super excited about the design of this multi-coloured beast which actually reminded me a lot of that masculine animated series: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The dark blue chord of the necklace itself reminds me of his sinister, but somehow still muscular arch-nemesis 'Skeletor' and the pointed gem stack in gold and pink reminds me of He-Man's feminine counterpart She-Ra. Well, I hate to say it but all this nerd idolising is wasted because this bad boy is sold out! So the moral of the story being, if you can buy these babies quick smart or be heart-broken and a shell of your former self like me. For more information check out Kate Rohde's website.

While I am still hurt that my first choice of necklace was snatched up before I even knew of it's existence, in all honesty I prefer to wear necklaces over bracelets and bangles these days. It's also not too similar to my statement necklace from This is make Believe so maybe I can swing some sort of sanity vote in my mind to get this sweet meringue like jewel. Being a poor university student has it's advantages and disadvantages, but I'd have to say this is a clear cut kick in the teeth that I can't work my ass off to afford nice things. Turning nineteen and needing to be paid more in retail isn't all it's cracked up to me and I swear it has cost me more than any sort of gain this year *groans*.

Having been given a Gameboy for Christmas and playing Pokemon since goodness knows when, I'm trapped in the stereotype that purple signifies poison and green generally means grass... So this bangle although being an inanimate object seems unspeakably evil to me like Disney villain Maleficent or Ursula from the Little Mermaid... although it could be the dark tints of green along rounded and nubby looking gem crystals. I love exploring dress sense and style as a way of getting into character and delving into different aspects of self and you can definitely channel some negative energy with this bad boy on. I know I would have loved it at the age of eight when I was obsessed with not being ordinary and possessing powers through common, everyday items. Not much changes it seems.

I think there's a tiny monumental war raging inside my mind at the moment between baby blue and feminine, girly pink. I can't decide which one I like better anymore and curiously a lot of my favourite colours in the past have been impassive bystanders such as orange and purple but with such strong representatives of beautiful colours and their depths I can't decide a favourite. So you can probably imagine anytime I do decide to have children the naming process and feelings toward gender are going to be more muddled then a jigsaw falling into a blender. The blue is just so rugged and seems to embody the strength and tall, unfaltering nature of the mountains but the floral motifs suggest the cyclic periods of nature and the secrets women choose to share and hide like the opening and closing of a flower. I didn't even read anything today or watch anything remotely interesting so I'm transferring all my complicated feelings onto critiquing oh help!


  1. I'm a bit obsessed with Kate Rohde now - great post! xx

  2. I love her jewellery so much! I am a happy girl because I have one of the bangles, I think it's the one on your sixth picture. It looks amazing when the sun shines on it and I can't stop looking at it. It's like a piece from wonderland and I wouldn't miss it anymore. Love, Sara xx