Monday, December 17, 2012


I didn't think it at all possible, but my holidays have reached an all time low- rock bottom as it were of my disinterest in the world around me and I am more bored in the city in the company of my mother then I otherwise would be at home. It's all in a vain and pointless attempt to suck up to her and I've lost some self-respect since I normally wouldn't stoop to nauseating lows. Desperate times call for desperate measures though and I really wanted to spend New Years Eve watching my boyfriend play video games into the wee hours of the morning but that shows very little promise. So I guess I'll just go back to laying out clothes for my next opportune outfit post, watching DVDs while exercising and maybe a little craft and DIY. I hate having someone else more lazy than myself at home- I lose all the motivation and bright sparks of enthusiasm I once held and it makes me sick to know I'm not doing something worthwhile with my time.

While many people dream of the perfect white Christmas covered in a soft, fluffy blanket of snow I am not envious of icy hazards endangering my health. It was bad enough earlier this week having to deal with humidity and condensation on hard wood floors but to think checking daily for the mail or pulling the bins out to the curb could be even more annoying isn't worth the trouble. I'd be more than happy without hot weather that could fry a freshly cracked egg on the sidewalk and all my awaited packages finally reaching me safe and sound. There was one strange Christmas in which i remember shivering on the balcony sitting down for lunch- now that was an odd occurrence. I'm still missing the cute beanie of Lucy and the talent to ice skate though.That only gives me the license to run wild once more and continue to buy glamorous goods from Etsy again.

I'm not enjoying myself one bit, but I am wearing my trademark slumming clothes of black Dr Martens boots and black skinny jeans. I know it's terribly unoriginal and boring because I'm not really wearing black as a statement all of its own but it's just so easy to wear... I can't wait to invest in some vintage flares and trousers to give my wardrobe a good kick up the butt and boost of flair. It will probably evoke a feeling of general dread and horror from my mother dressing in such an outdated way, but I look towards lifting pieces from my father's wardrobe and also my brother more than from my mother as any sort of figure on style and fashion. Also it's much easier to wear clothes that are too big for you and comparable to an elephants skin than boring block cotton t-shirts (sorry Mum).

It was famously stated by Morticia Adams that a girl at my age only has one thing on her mind: homicide. While collecting bed sores from lying on the couch one day I watched an Isolde of Top Model in which the girls excitedly got free run of a Middle-Eastern Jewellery store brimming with chunky golden pieces in preparation for a bride's dowry. This thick interwoven veil worn across the face reminds me a lot of that, but with a distinctly sour expression which I can quite easily relate to at the moment. Very rarely do I find a crystal embellished headdress in that style of 1920s flapper girl meets wife of a sheik but I wish I knew the source for this image now. I can't see anyone around me understanding this fascination but as long as I have something positive to boost my confidence in an outfit I don't see why it should hurt anyone else.

I don't know about you dear readers, but when I was a youngin' getting dressed each morning I spent a lot of my time stretching up on pointed toes in order to reach the sock drawer. I never really give the ritual much thought- although the cartoons I watched almost convinced my it was the perfect place to hide my treasures and secret stash of cash but socks can really add a certain spark to an outfit. I already have a plastic pink pair of jelly sandals, but I want totally clear with sparkles and black to wear with fancy socks as well. With one less Science focused subject revolving around laboratory practical work I may get to wear more impractical shoes to university and make these my second choice of footwear (only second place to durable Dr Martens of course).

For this reason (and future prospects filled with a crazy cat lady reputation) I really want a little feline terror roaming around the house. Perky little ears, a little pink nose and probably a lot of sacrificed shoe laces all sound part of a wonderful experience. I promise I won't get sick and tired of looking after the little guys once they grow up but it would be nice if they didn't throw up on the crochet blankets and destroy the furniture... oh who am I kidding I'm always going to stick with keeping rabbits at this rate. But to compete with all these celebrity cat blogs that are more popular then mine such as Tardar Sauce and Lil' Bub I'll end up making little outfits and tutu skirts for my rabbits because I wouldn't get my boyfriend to do that junk in a billion years. Also rabbits aren't that well trained and just tend to spend a lot of their day grooming themselves which is fine as long as you can learn patience while holding a camera and not freeze in place due to boredom.

I'm pretty keen on adding pretty photo booth effects to my outfit posts on occasion, but don't expect anything as stellar as this celestial star streaker image and unearthly goddess at the centre. Sadly I don't have a starry-eyed fabric image to layer over my own photographs or a long mermaid-esque dress to put on, although there was a rather cute gold top in that cheeky 1980s disco vain. I've been lazy yet again and haven't polished off my images once they've been taken but I'm just super excited to show off what I wear for you guys so that's generally what happens. Also the version of Photoshop I have takes a couple of minutes to download and then open... man. I don't have time for all that when I could be doing worthwhile things with my time like eating, or sleeping, or searching through my old kid's toys for good crown materials and building blocks. I consider all of those higher priority over going out and shopping because at the moment I need to become better at budgeting and it's just not working.

Again there's the mild theme of matrimony thrown in her because I'm still enjoying the teenager high school sweetheart lifestyle and it doesn't really mean a lot to me. Also because I enjoy dresses with real big sleeves and I'm being tempted to buy some gloves. Not because I wear them on a regular or practical basis but because they seem glamorous in a cat woman thief/ lady of the manor way if I ever remembered to wear them. Oh well, when I can't organise my outfits I try to have a way with words instead and what could be better than delivering lovely wedding vows then in song? It's been a while since I have done singing properly and with a guitar in hand so maybe I should just start with a ukulele or something and build my way up to a full sized guitar in true blogger form.

It's exactly one week until Christmas (thanks for the cheery reminder wifey) and I have only managed to organise with the help of my mother the gifts for my boyfriend's mother and grandmother but not him or my own family and I am beginning to get stressed out now. Also my family has taken a long time to get the Christmas tree out and decorated... i.e. it's still in it's box and we haven't made room for it in our tiny cramped house. I've always prided myself on the festive spirit and Christmas cheer since I was a little kid but I'm worried about the sudden loss of the spark and my abandonment on a childhood tradition. Doing my hair up in ridiculous Whovian styles just seems like a lot less effort because I know my mother won't harass me about strangling my hairstyle with tinsel unlike a synthetic pine tree.

As much as I do love adorning my nails in bright and unnatural colours I will not endeavour to purchase Chanel's own unique brand. I have some brilliant foundation from them and it magically seems resistant to running out which is great and pretty darn cost-effective but I love colours and different effects so I'll stick to a multitude of cheaper options. For those who are super bored you can also try mixing colours together for different effects but don't do as I would and produce a billion different shades of brown... that might not be exciting but you can probably draw a reindeer themed manicure if you are clever enough. I'm sticking to sparkly blue to imitate a snowstorm and a white Christmas and my nails are also stretching out to overtake the Guinness world record or something so I should use my nail stickers before they all break.

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