Monday, December 17, 2012

Jessica Au 2013

I discovered this name when scrolling through someone else's blog so I'm sketchy on the details at the moment (6am in the morning and I head straight from bed to the computer...) but I was pretty impressed with lemon coloured lipstick, stark white skin and the clothes themselves of course. I should probably go shopping more or something since it does put me in a better mood to critique collections but whatever I'll end up being broke anyway. Let's start with how cute this model is because she reminds me of Lana Del Rey but without the vintage style clothing and serious bouffant hairstyle but she still looks adorable in whatever so that was a good start. The jumper with it's textured squiggles and abstract acid green motif at the centre has my dreaming of exotic Arizona cactus botanical gardens which is only heightened by the pairing with other colours yellow and blue. I too discovered many years ago wearing three colours all next to each other in the rainbow can make for the most fun and styling but this reminder is much needed and welcome. If you're lucky enough you can find or even make your own clear perspex plastic bag- whether it be tote or clutch but some things are better left to the professionals.

I sort of struggle explaining my fascination with Cyber Punk, but one of my favourite trademarks of that niche would be wildly coloured fuzzy coat jackets because there is no snowball's chance in hell of a PETA associate throwing paint all over you. It proudly exclaims in flamboyant style exactly what it is in a way that sort of shovels it down your throat but in a nice and glittery way like a Mardis Gras float passing by. I think it's all endearing and as difficult as it is to wear yellow I would love to wear this with my Simpson knit sweater- a knock off of Jeremy Scott. The skirt doesn't match it which is wonderful because it has my dreaming of the nostalgia when at the age of five I only coloured using the pink, yellow, green and blue crayons for a very long stint. Yellow and pink were my favourite girly companions and to see them brought back together again, and in a very odd but artistically expressive way brings tears to the metaphoric child within me. The maxi length does make for a bit of an eyesore if you're not a lover of pink but I really do like the pattern; it makes me dream of what some dinosaurs would look like and the possibilities of their colours.

Lately I've had a very comic book themed taste in clothing ranging from vintage jeans to the Romance was Born collection in association with Marvel- but I do love embracing my inner nerd. I know my brother has some comic books and stuff and was experimental in that scene of media but I don't think there were any vintage originals featuring those brightly coloured buzz words 'Pow', 'Zam' or 'Kapow'. I love the alluring nature of this sheer skirt decorated with decals but then the creepers just transform them to a different punk fuelled paradigm. I hole-heartedly wish I could slither my skeleton leg print leggings underneath these to see if they add or detract to the general feeling of nerdy spookiness (which is being heightened by the Enid Coleslaw play list I'm currently listening to but I have no regrets).

Final item on the agenda is rather worthy sheer pants with bright fluffy and fuzzy panels in daring shapes. For someone running on five hours of sleep and just a little disorientated still I would think these are the perfect raver pants but with a chic twenty-first century sophistication of sheer and better tailoring. That's probably not what raver pants are supposed to encompass but there's not a lot else I can say about the look itself. I admire them on the workmanship though since sheer itself is already delicate and difficult when put through a sewing machine but they've managed to match the fluffy fluorescent yellow panels across the legs to optically continue the pattern all the way down to the ankles and that's pretty neat. Jessica Au will be a name to look out for in future but with such a moody and androgynous collection it will be interesting to see what shapes and motifs will be used in future. One thing is guaranteed though: beautiful execution of wild ideas whatever they may be.

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