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Jeremy Scott Fall/ Winter 2012

It's the 12th of the 12th of the 12th- oh so spooky and mysterious! But seriously, the date has nothing compared to the Jeremy Scott collection which featured some very 1990s fired flavours including emoticon motifs, sequin digitally printed pants (what a time saver, wildly coloured hair and cyber punk bindis and stickers abound. I enjoyed the freedom expressed by this designer immensely, as well as the disjointed nature of each piece but the uniform presentation of each model. Pink, blue, rainbows and unicorns: I never thought I'd see my childhood light up in front of my eyes but thanks to Mr. Scott all this has happened while I'm still a poor broke girl. So while I grumble about hunting hard in the coming months on eBay for scraps and leftovers I will secret not mind at all because the rewards stand to be stupendously great. Explore this collection with me and understand what it means to be a young person bridging the gap between two different millennium and feel the sparkly, glittery aesthetic clash with moody printed knitted jumpers and common popular culture references!

There was a menagerie of different materials and colours use throughout this collection- which I suppose is one of it's many strengths since it can cater to so many different states and situations. Also despite being a collection released for Fall and Winter, I would happily wear many of these items within Summer and have already tried to wear a knock-off piece to the beach: and I succeeded. Which piece I did buy will all be revealed in good time, but sadly it was not a pink, holographic pair of overalls which would possibly be my best girly friend forever and ever until the end of time. The cute little hat at the top seems very Betsy Ross in a modern 2000s kind of way and certainly does make that haircut seem even more bombastic. Seriously though, can you imagine all the cute long sleeved shirts and stuff you could wear underneath overalls like that and platform shoes all the while looking like a notebook your mother wrapped? It's all so spectacular but heart-breaking at the same time because I never found a store that stocked this amazing lollipop pink garment. *Sigh* Don't make me angsty. You wouldn't like me when I'm angsty!

This seems like something out of a 'Where's Waldo' colouring book; only the kid ate something weird like a magical cupcake and insists that instead of traditional red and white Waldo now wears a rainbow jumper with matching bobble hat. I'm pretty blown away with the matching of coloured stripes for those amazing technicolour pants- having taken sewing classes myself in high school and being weighed down with the fear of mismatching lines. There's so many colours and therefore possibilities of error, but there they are sitting perfectly next to each other in a flawless manner. All this for a pair of stretchy pants and matching long sleeve shirt which creates the illusion of a turtleneck- how totally awesome. Also, this is a small step for man and a giant leap for reinventing flares/ wide leg pants. I've been pretty obsessed since I saw Petra Collins wearing them in the Crown of Love video tutorial for Rookie magazine and the crop top shown in this collection only emphasises that big statement pants pretty much allows you to wear a midriff shirt. This is the stuff I dream of finding when I go second hand shopping and trawling through markets. This is what dreams are made of.

I've already written about the gloriously shaggy monster scarves of this collection: made of faux fur and leather and in that time ALL OF THEM SOLD OUT. Being Australian I know very little of the Cyber Monday Sale, and in the blink of an eye before you can say the word Sasquatch all the stores I watched enviously over sold out of these scarves both in pink and orange at half price and I think I cried myself to sleep that night. I rarely go to lengths of spending over $100 on any one piece these days but it was still something that absolutely broke my heart. Santa Claus, if you are reading this, please have your elves in contact with the fashion industry send me this pink and fluffy beast because I've been very good this year and got two high distinctions and two distinctions last semester. I may even leave you a special present with your cookies and milk this year if you do; do you like reading zines all about how awesome you are? I hope you do. Love Adele.

Look past the furry, fake grass green cardigan cloak and you will see the best shiny mermaid bustier the land has ever seen. I've been to the beach but once this Summer and it was a freezing cold night that ended up taking shelter in a McDonald's but if all goes to plan next week I will be sitting on white sand beaches and lazing about. What could better make me look magnificent and celestial then pretending to be a mermaid? I have the long luscious hair after many years of growth (I wanted my hair that long since I was six- SIX!) but I can't yet envision a convincing fishy tail without it being too tacky. I love the metallic shades and the almost green appearance along the top- as well as a denim overall inspired presentation of buckles and buttons. The cup shape around the bust is also phenomenal. In terms of sculpture and attributes towards the female figure this epitomises Jeremy Scott's genius and strength in designing clothing for women. 

The teacher's pet and everyone's favourite from this collection was undoubtedly the Simpson sweater seen on celebrities such as Grimes (Claire Boucher) and model Cara Delevingne. It also seems this print was a hit with the Chinese because lo-and-behold some knock-offs managed to worm their way into the Etsy mainframe and you know what? I, without shame or regret, bought one for myself. I already missed out on buying a second hand jumper for $250 on eBay so paying $50 all together for a brand new piece seemed like the next best idea. If I weren't so in love with my new skirt at the moment I'm sure I'd be back to dreaming up every possible combination to wear this sweater with. Plaid skirts, leggings- you name it I will wear it with this Bart Simpson sweater and it only gets better. I will totally immerse myself in this jumper in six months trudging to university in the cold and I will love every second of it. My friend also commented that heaps of the eyes made it just that little bit extra creepy. Excellent.

I also had a chance to indulge and splurge on this bad boy of a Batman sweater too; but at the time decided that one finishing-exams-present was enough and adequate in satisfying my taste buds in the dead of Summer. Well, it appears that I was wrong, but you can only soak yourself in so many Simpson themed articles of clothing before you become totally associated with it by friends and family. My brother insists that I should have bought this one instead and didn't understand that my jumper was based off of something on a runway but that's a male-gamer perspective for you. In addition to the best or second best jumper you will ever see in your life, I also liked the rainbow holographic pants which was notably not like those worn in the 1960s by lovers and freedom fighters but warpy like an old Star Trek episode. I'm also pretty fond of that as well, but I have a feeling the intermingling of male and female clothes in a single runway presentation is a very good way to confuse a wretched girl like me. I have been known to buy men's clothes in a unisex fashion shop before and wouldn't put it past myself to make the same blunder again. However, in this case, the results would be well worth putting up with a too-small waist and extra crotch room.

I can't really explain these strange feelings I have, but I really want those pants. They're totally slouchy which is a bit of a bummer but it could sort of be like the blogger school uniform or something to signal to other people in the wider community that you too spend copious hours typing/ scrolling/ liking/ clicking things night after night and are totally proud. The emoticon jumper makes the computer themed clothing even more cheesy and delicious, but I instead like to dream up the silken cropped t-shirts and badges I would wear with keyboard pants. If you ever see me front row at a fashion show I would love to wear these, with a Kawaii phone cover in my claws and pressing mindlessly on the printed buttons on my pants hoping to signal a secret computer or something. Mobile blogging through pants: WHY HASN'T IT HAPPENED YET!? I'm sorry, I'm hysterical over a bunch of white and grey squares but when you think about the technology implications these pants could represent and the statement it creates then you would too. And if you are freaking out like me, leave a comment and become a kindred spirit.

I loved the way semi-sheer trailing skirts were used as a blank canvas within this collection- it allowed motifs such as sparkly melting smiley faces to shine brightly and impress. I'm kind of surprised that this image hasn't exploded all over the Internet. especially on Tumblr where I follow nothing but teenage bloggers who generally adore things soft grunge/ 1990s themed but whatever. Perhaps it was just all too much to handle after seeing the Bart Simpson face knitwear. If you look hard enough through you can see the dripping motif in sparkly black on the shoulders neatly capping off a great item of clothing. If I had the time and motivation by grades I would probably try to make my own tribute piece but a Science degree really doesn't allow you to sew without many recorded observations. I'll continue expressing my love of fashion on my blog instead; as I always have and always will do.

Sometimes you need to dress a little bit like a unicorn and a back-up dancer from a Beyoncé video clip. Or just be Beyoncé. In which case I would recommend this fabulous design because who doesn't want to piss off Mattel by sort of, but not really copying their trademark My Little Pony "Rainbowdash" and sauntering about with swag pouring out of your ears and falling on to your shoulders. That's right, I have approximate knowledge of unicorn figurines and I am not afraid to use it! Well I am, if at all for the backfiring. Anyway- the trail of this dress is magnificent and billows so poetically it could be something out of Keats but the rainbow heels make it a little more saucy and colourful. Also the wig statement of the collection does help to convey Jeremy Scott's master of weirdness for the collection. I can imagine Katy Perry making a comeback in this dress with blue hair and bright shiny makeup and that's exactly how it should be done. So gentlemen, if you want to make your lady proud: buy her a unicorn dress in her size and she will love you forever. It's a step up from those giant novelty teddy bears at a fair but fashionable and still as cute and endearing.

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