Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jack Skellington

Practicing a little bitchfacing on you guys because I refuse to be cheery and in a Christmas mood like a regular person. I'm well aware that this sweater is missing green in the yarn and the abstract patterns should probably be replaced with reindeer and stereotypical hats but considering I've had this jumper for close to eight years and it still fits, I would be as bold to say that it has lasted beyond all expectations. That's probably because I thought the neckline was bone-crushingly tight when I was younger and I reserved this for my most daggy situations. Being a self-actualised young woman I can now wear this and openly embrace being embarrassing to everyone I know. Thanks Mum!

Wearing: Bowler hat from Sovereign Hill, Sweater from my childhood, Country Road shirt dress, Black Milk leg bones leggings, Vivienne Westwood X Melissa sparkly gumboots.

I'm trying to avoid matching my wardrobe as much as possible at the moment (and I'm failing miserably) but the tights at least add a gaunt and sober factor to this outfit. If there was one thing I was notorious for in terms of staggeringly colourful language was my macabre outlook on both life and death even in the most normal of school circumstances. That's just me in a nutshell though but I finally have the gorgeous leggings to go with it. Also it matches my dapper hat worn with an almost festive themed trim this time but noticeably no miniature mole sitting on the brim. I might have to sacrifice the length of my favourite furnishing to give birth to my first crown though- and I've decided on a spacey theme involving dark blue and silver stars. All I need is a miniature alien toy or figurine and then I can go around doing the Vulcan hand sign.


  1. I like the sparkly boots! And you do an excellent bitchface (;

  2. Thanks for your constant support on my outfit posts Emily <3