Saturday, December 29, 2012

Goth Sailor Moon

Feeling inspired by my favourite Etsy saved items I decided to make a drawing instead of a collage because I won't be able to afford these clothe for quite some time. And it makes me sad. Anyway I really do want to purchase a Sailor Moon wig with the buns and long trailing ponytails and everything but that is one hundred and fifty dollars. Wah. That's a bit mental despite it being the perfect shade of canary yellow. I want a satirical jumper to wear to work, take the piss out of everyone and confuse everyone. Rookie editorial shoots make me feel pensive and longing for cheerleader skirts and dresses but the most achievable item on this illustrated wish list are American Apparel thigh high socks and some wicked leather garters. Let's goth it up! I think that will be my new rocket ship mantra...


  1. Super cute! You should post a collage of your fave etsy items

  2. Nice drawing. I don't really know Sailor Moon but I like cartoons and anime.


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