Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Glittery Vomit

Yet another collage created from Tumblr images has been brought to you by the letter Q, sleep deprivation and a 6am wake up call. I wouldn't necessarily call it my creative peak, but I can get a lot done if I have a cup of coffee by my side and also some green tea later on to wake up. I spent today watching children's movies with my best boy and lazing about but now I have to go to work which I'm a bit annoyed about since I have zero motivation to work for lovely cash. I just want to dress like my favourite condiments: ketchup and mustard, read (well purchase actually) zines and finish my book. Also I just got the complete first season of Adventure Time and want to get cozy and acquainted with it but not feel exhausted and sweaty. I doubt there are any lounge chairs for me to sloth about in anywhere in the shed or garage or canvas shoes to dress up with pretty shoelaces. I have the worst luck sometimes, but a great selection of leggings to choose from.

If I had the proper resources and will power I would have badly tried to make brownies and cakes by now. Instead I've been mindlessly collecting images of Japanese cakes which look so pretty smothered in pink icing. There must be bucket loads of recipes on the Internet, but I haven't read of any of them yet. Also there's plenty of other food in the fridge and pantry so I'm not at any great risk of starving either. I haven't had a chance to partake in them yet, but as far as I know, many Asian desserts miss that lustrous sprinkle of sugar and western fruits. I have to say though, this looks even better than any song cake I've ever gotten to eat and am slowly beginning to salivate over an icing centre hidden in layers of sweet, spongy textured cake.

If the Willy Wonka chocolate factory suddenly found itself under new management, namely that of a Kawaii princess gardener, then I'd like to think the above is an accurate representation of what her digs would actually look like. Or better still, the factory floor missing magical beings of many colours and cute uniforms working away in such a way to create a metaphoric well-oiled engine. I'm most fascinated by handmade ornaments from Etsy covered in vintage dollies and seeping pink glitter from every inanimate pore. I don't think it would suit me room at the moment, given that it's still a complete mess and sty. Whenever I'm not the only one pottering about at home, I lose all motivation to clean my room because often there is someone else more lazy than me hanging around. The sad thing about fantasy is that it often doesn't become a reality and just stays a fleeting thought.

The above outlines why I love Suzy and Sam so much because after a stressful day of work I like to unwind with music and read some gold old science fiction with a broad target audience. I still haven't watched Moonrise Kingdom and it's killing me because there was a major 20% off sale at the popular DVD store and I'm just sitting around waiting in purgatory at the moment. I'm comforted by the fact I've almost finished reading my latest book which was some three-hundred pages and my mother borrowed the Wes Anderson film 'The Darjeeling Limited' from the library. When that particular movie was released all I can remember is suicide attempt speculation surrounding one of the actors and I barely cared about director's creative input towards movies or whatever. I'm a lot wiser now and would like to runaway, were it not for the fact I'm nineteen years old and should get up in a car and drive instead. Growing up and responsibility seems like such a plague lately.

I've been on holidays for at least one month now and haven't managed to buy entire racks of cute vintage dresses in preparation for Summer. I stopped at a pop-up shop near the entrance to a major train station, but the dresses I did like were all in sizes too small and I refuse to fall into the trap of buying something pretty that doesn't fit or having to try and squeeze into a petite frock at a busy walkway. That's just as well because the weather has been pretty cold in my messed up state of Victoria and I can indulge in cosy sweaters just a little longer. My mother suggested that we head down to the beach so she can eat lobster which suits me just fine because I know of a radical shop with the best printed jeans. If I can't have dresses that fit me at least let me buy the cutest jeans this side of the planet and live a little before I have to keep studiously saving my money.

I love Chandler quotes/ facial expression and am slowly letting my life be engulfed in a frenzy of witty screencaps often lacking much needed context. In case someone missed the joke, Chandler from friends is all around awkward and pretty much what I would be as a single man and the dancing would be horrendous. That's what makes this image so deliciously good. And to think I've only been watching "Friends" for about a year now and only acknowledged my small passion just now. I'm trying not to let screen captured images from film and television take over my life, but the crazy teenage girl rooms, flowers and Japanese cake pictures are still managing to balance them out quite well though. So there's no need to stamp them out from this blog just yet until someone really verbalises that it annoys them terribly.

Despite being non-religious or mystic I still find comfort in shapes like the sun, stars and especially a nicely curved and almost dangerous crescent moon. Maybe because I never had a faith to belong to I create something to believe in- something from the tangible but far away and mysterious. Or perhaps I've been watching too many strange movies imitating witch coven rituals or what we studied in poetry during high school really has stuck. Also, driving for three hours a day without much to eat and a headache that hangs about like bad weather can't be helping too much. All I know is that when I see this the only name that springs to mind is Diana and I feel like I belong. Or I could pathetically attempt to gouge someone's eyes out if I really wanted to.


  1. You must see moonrise kingdom! I love all the pictures you have displayed here, they are all so gorgeous. And i totally agree with you about the moon symbols, they are so beautiful.

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