Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fred Butler Summer/ Spring 2013

London Fashion Week made an even tougher second semester of my science degree bearable with golden girls that seemed to come from another planet and Lycra bikinis. I am of course referring to another stellar collection from Fred Butler, who chooses to make quality outfits and looks for his models rather than an armada in the ways of quantity like some other designers. I really love how this breaks the mould and makes each look so closely related to the other: like one big, happy family. This was tortuous to me in Mid-Winter but also much needed motivation to make some of my outfit posts a little bolder and brighter. I don't think I quite choose to wear heavy, schoolgirl braids springing forth from my head, but that's only because I don't have cute headphones or earmuffs to accentuate the look.

Being easily influenced, I've found great delight in 1990s inspired materials such as holographic and clear perspex- but seeing such finely made daisies in the simmering and magical fabric has me all in a tizzy. It's pretty much guaranteed that when the weather is blisteringly hot for the next few months there will be little flowers to survive and I won't even dare go outside so it's nice being reminded of nature through fashion. At the same time, the futuristic fantasy shines through with the floral prints in whose wickedly chunky accessories featuring a hexagonal shape. It's all stemmed from bees and flowers but the materials sort of transformed it from the airy quality of nature to the shiny and dazzling. If the collection was a food it would be something sweet and sticky with a long and satisfying after taste.

Although I've now come to realise the figure hunched over in all black is probably a luck invited blogger or something, I was really intrigued by the binary opposition of the skimpy girl in gold versus the shroud in shapeless black and their two different postures. It makes for a great narrative at least and from it a whole variety of questions to ask oneself regarding how they dress and reflections of their personality through clothing. I thought they were both part of the same set because of the use of accessories: the model has golden braids finishing at her hips and wrapped in daisies, a glorious chain belt in ornate flowers of different colours and one of the most intricate backpacks I've ever seen. Even the straps of the pack have the same golden, hexagonal motif shared with the ornate headpiece. Whereas on the left we see black and silver, particularly that awesome spider pin holding her veil to her pompadour hair. Very chic.

I wish I did a sewing course at a novice level- then I could get away with adhering flowers and gorgeous panels with a hot glue gun to shoes rescued from second hand stores everywhere. It's like recycling, treasure hunting and playing dress ups all at the same time! Given the right resources and enough time on your hands, a DIY copy could be made for these shoes to really knock the socks off of any fashion blogger. Were I not so already in debt because of Jeffrey Campbell and Opening Ceremony shoes I'd pry open my wallet for the original version of these bad boys, but still starting out and finding it's feet, Fred Butler is not available yet on eBay to penny-pinching girls like me. Darn. I'll wait until this fashion designer becomes uber famous, and I know it will be one day as the team expands and the collections become larger expanding on the ideas expressed.

This is the best Spring-themed manicure in existence. Period. I haven't done my nails in a while now, but being reminded of this meticulous awesomeness I'll need every iota of strength before I finally splash out! There's even cute little fuzzy wings and STINGERS on the end oh my gosh why can't I attend spring balls or something and pretend to be a literal queen bee. I bet on Etsy somewhere there's an appropriately striped costume to climb into because the lord knows I can't squeeze into scantly clad gold outfits. But I adore the light-hearted nature, the luxury of the gold and the copious amounts of flowers added to each and everyone of these outfits. Even if there were only a grand total of four to see. At least they were all fantastic rather than twenty something outfits were the designer loses creative steam and edge halfway through. I can't believe they went to such lengths to create this outfit though- without this image no one would have even notice the nails.

I've been to but one fashion show which centralised around graduates from the technical institutes and there were a few gems out there. With all the competition from sites like Etsy, eBay and real life stores all competing for attention it's getting harder and harder to find real gems of fashion- but they are out there. There are people who'll use gold-dusted fake eyelashes and crystals in their make up and make ornate headpieces. There are devote designers who refine their craft and bring to the table refreshing and spectacular designs that will blossom in years to come. Whether or not the inclusion of busy bees and pollinating helps to nurture these metaphoric blooms I can not say but all I do know is that those headpieces are wicked again and absolutely delightful. I wish vintage shops in my areas understood the importance of veiled toppers and the way they transform an outfit the way Fred Butler does.

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