Sunday, December 2, 2012

Forest Fairy

Wearing: thrifted knitted vest, leaf skirt from Miss Shop, silver star trim worn as headband, badges from my mother, crucifixes as gifts, mushroom necklace from ette shop (etsy), vintage socks, Vans shoes. Najo signet ring and Katzi silver stud ring.

Today was my last day of waiting around for my boyfriend to finish his first short stint of Summer semester university so I loitered around my local area, heading to a craft store as well as a second hand store I had already given up on. I was delighted on the second hand goods I picked up for under ten dollars, but I couldn't resist wearing the wicked star trim as a headband as a quick afterthought channeling the vibe of a lovechild or like a bad 1970s groupie on tour. I just wanted something sparkly and cute to go with the cutest knitted vest ever that magically fits me since I've lost ten kilograms or something ridiculous since last year. The ladies working in the shop even said I was "nice and skinny" which is a welcome compliment to someone brain-washed by too many Vogue subscriptions. 

I have a small Wedgewood dish collection going on, thanks to eBay as well as my mother sprinkling gifts on me like a demented tooth-fairy but that did get me to rethink the presentation of my desk and gave me specific little special spots to but my growing badge collection. I've had the festive teddy bear since I was five and lived next to a park and decided it was time to bring it back and "Dont' Stare" is also a something-something my mother has given me for no reason what-so-ever. What a sweetheart. You can also see the brown, green and blue threads of yarn in the vest, but the orange is unfortunately from my undergarments. As it turns out, material tends to stretch over certain curvatures and it exposes the spaces between yarn on the top; which is fine because my boyfriend was actually interested in what I bought. We have an ongoing thing where he hides a sweater his grandmother knitted for him and I try to steal it periodically. This is the next best thing for only four dollars.

The skirt and pointed Vans combination is a pretty accurate reflection of how I used to dress about two years ago usually with a t-shirt or something keeping it all simple and within the world of mainstream, but the knitted handmade top looks brand new and sits perfectly on this skirt. I put this outfit together in a slapstick fashion while cooking vegetarian broccoli noodles at the same time so it captures that earthy vibe and mother nature appeal as well. I hope whoever donated this shirt makes some more adult-sized knitwear for me to scope up; I'm really excited at the thought of getting my hands on some more cute pieces! Model Rachel Rutt released a collection of woolen bikinis that are totally impractical but at the same time magical and this is as close as I'll ever get to that fabled collection. Considering I bought an entire haul of a crocheted baby blanket in pastel colours, a pink gingham table cloth and this wonderful top for less than what I would pay for lunch- I'm ecstatic.

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