Monday, December 10, 2012

Fairy Godmother

Wearing: Father's check shirt, floral embroidery skirt from Cue, Chloë Sevigny X Opening Ceremony buckle wedge boots, druzy agate slice necklace from eBay and fairy wand and tiara from my childhood.

When all else fails- let emotions sweep you away like the tide and just go along for the ride. A coffee fevered fit lead me to wear the skirt I bought while shopping with my mother which I love so much already- it reminds me of Creatures of the Wind but so much cheaper and on sale. This is the second skirt I've bought within a week so I'm getting quite obsessed considering I also want to make one for myself as well. It's times like these that remind me that I am missing out on something when I sit at home and shop from my keyboard, rather than hunting for myself clothes and bargains. I decided to show off more of my room, now restricted to taking awful outfit post photographs from my room rather than the spacious hallway. I may do some tomorrow at the crack of dawn while I await to go to the doctor's since I am still in a highly-strung and nervous mood which means involuntarily waking up early on the morning.

I'm also wearing a shirt I plan on dismantling in the next few weeks to line a new pair of shorts I'll make from a rescued pink, gingham tea towel. My dad went to throw out a bunch of these thin cotton shirts with plaid and checked prints and I saved some of my favourites including two black and white ones. It looks nice with a sliced geode necklace and a very feminine influence but I won't wait till it makes a handmade article of clothing even comfier and better. *Laughs evilly as lightning silhouettes a sewing machine cast across a wall* I haven't even begun to re-read Frankenstein yet either. Oh- this is going to be good. But this is probably the brainchild from a conversation with my mother in which she asked whether I would wear black or white with this skirt. So I unconsciously decided to wear a shirt with both.

I plan on shamelessly wearing this skirt with everything I can get away with since it's so fantastic and I can really get worked up with a good skirt. Unlike a dress it has dreamy possibilities without the annoyance of repeating outfits, the pattern is eccentric but it can be toned down and I already sense that the best friend to this will be gorgeous sparkles and gold. It seems that I'm thinking more with the mentality of someone who thinks of themselves as a big-shot fashion blogger. That's a bit exciting and self-deluded. That just goes to show that you can be in the worst mood possible, but also want to dress like a fairy godmother/ unicorn. Good gracious I must be a teenage with that kind of odd mentality.

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  1. such a lovely skirt! Cue is expensive :o looks good though :)