Tuesday, December 18, 2012


First off the bat, for those unsure this label is pronounced "deen-dri". I say this because when boasting to friends about your glamorous new heels nothing could be more embarrassing than mispronunciation. You can buy these bad boys from Solestruck, but if you live in Los Angeles I highly recommend liking this brand on Facebook first, then stalking their wall for the next upcoming market address and times because their stalls are absolutely beautiful wonderlands of shoes and accessories and you'll be glad you made the trip. Also, you can make small talk and see exclusive pieces first hand before the rest of us do in person. How cool is that!? I digress... Being apart of the blogosphere you seem some pretty trendy kicks out and about but these wooden heeled and leather creations are possibly my favourite. UNIF Hellbound heels have also played on my mind but they are slightly intimidating to a girl totally unused to walking about in tottering shoes so these seem the safer choice. There are also fake leather alternatives for you hardcore vegans out there and good for you for having such a high moral standard.

There are three main styles of shoes to familiarise yourself in the Deandri family: sitting at the top of the tree are the wooden wedge heels are dubbed Olga, her baby sister (shown above) with a cut out heel is Helga and last but not least are the Charlie cut -out Oxfords. Colours to choose from include black, nude, white, red/ brown snakeskin with turquoise and a grey snakeskin. If you are eyeballing these heels with snakeskin print and liking what you're seeing please note that each patter of the material will be different and result in different heels as pictured. This is why it's so great for those California girls that can buy shoes in person, pick, walk and in general try before you buy. I have been happily isolated in my room for the last month but going in store, trying on clothes and having a general sense of what you'll end up getting is a feeling that can't be replicated no matter how many clicks and buttons you press on the keyboard at home.

I'm sorry I can't increase the picture size for these bad boys without losing edges of the frame, but for those observant and eagle-eyed readers you may be wondering how these shoes work. The laces are in white and seem perched on an invisible platform; that ladies and gentlemen is the clear section of the oxfords which pretty much encourages you to wear your prettiest pair of patterned socks and dress up an outfit even more easily with colours and customisation. I really want a pair of these babies badly, but they're pretty hard to come by and I can wait until the busy Christmas season is over. It would look terrible if I bought myself nice shoes (some more) but didn't have a thing to get for my lovely friends and family this year. Also my brother has a birthday a week after Christmas *groans*.

You just can't say no to a good pair of versatile heels in black, and believe me, these Helga heels are all that and so much more. I often thin about the nude heels as well simply because buying vintage shoelace clips and vibrant laces would look great on a blank canvas in skin colour tone but black screams sophistication and is a little easier to wear things with... I'm in way over my head. Someone get me my asthma puffer!Within the last year or so my shoe collection has really taken off and I don't know how I got so out of control but man it feels good. If you're looking for a new muse and inspiration head on over to Deandri and she'll put you right. There's also Instagram photos and news on goodies released through social media so be sure to stay tuned if her shoes have caught your eye.

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  1. OMG I love Deandri! They also have cool illustrations! I totally bought the white helga
    from solestruck on impulse but it was so worth it. ;_; Really lusting after the oxfords
    and a nude helga now.. Oh Deandri why can't it just rain your shoes.