Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Crown DIY

*Disclaimer*: this is the first attempt I've made to try and make a decorated headband- hundreds of other girls have done so before me and thus have more practice in the art. Also, I haven't had the pleasure of attending a Rookie meet up because I live in a neglected corner of the world but instead have to make do watching the video. This may go horribly wrong in the middle and I'll end up with egg all over mt face, but oh well such is life. I just wanted to show off on my blog any artistic endeavors to look back upon and smile. There will be more to come, don't you worry but a lot of them will probably have a similar flair and delivery so read widely of other girls' blogs if they do make crowns and get a wider sense of what is on offer. Rambling is now over, time to get serious!

You will need: pipe cleaners, or fake flowers, or little ribbon flowers, a headband, pretty ornate junk or small toys, buttons, ribbons, sequins, beads, plastic gems... you name it. You can wear it all on your crown if you really want; it's totally up to you. I also wanted to experiment with lace and fancy trim but decided against it for this particular theme. Things like a hot glue gun, sewing needle and thread will also be pretty helpful when it comes to assembling these materials together. The brand of my glue gun is a "Master Tool" and the only reason we have it is because my father picked it up from work when the business went under (tragic, but thanks Dad!). I'm making a simple design for my first which includes a McDonald's toy featured at the centre piece so there will be a lot of focus on that at first and dressing it up.

When I was twelve, Neopets were all the rage but it was kind of a secret dorky thing to do. I suppose it still is a dorky thing to enjoy, but now at the age of nineteen I can show off what a dork I really am. Yes, my tiger is green and that was totally normal in the Neopets universe.
HOLLA AT ME IF YOU HAD A GREEN KOUGRA! OK... no response... I am never doing that again. 

Now then, I suggest sewing buttons to the base of your soft plush toy whether it sits on its bottom or uses feet. When I was a young girl I had a bright pink clipboard that my brother decided to press to a light bulb which melted the plastic. Working on this premise I'm adding plastic to the toy for attaching using hot glue on plastic is easier than material.

As you can see I've already sewn three buttons but I'll show step by step how you do that. You just need something that basically fits the foot so you can glue that bad boy on to your plastic headband. I ordered these specially from eBay so the width would match my toy. First push the needle through the material at a distance similar to the space between the two button holes. Follow through and then thread through one button hole using the needle. Then get the second hole on the way through and push the needle through in the same manner as the first time. It doesn't have too look neat or pretty but I wanted to match green toy with green buttons and don't worry if you did what I did and did this while watching television at the same time- no one will no when you finish. Anyway, sorry for the poor explanation- I didn't really get to explain this very well but I hope you get the general idea.

Now I'm decorating the toy itself: you probably don't need to but I was always obsessed with fiddly details and adding beads and sequins together in a fun combination. It was fun adding a hair bow for the tiger like a school girl, but I did learn something through this experience which then became a sad ordeal. You see this photograph of the hot pink bow and ribbon below?Well I learnt the hard way that you cannot iron this type of ribbon material. This is what happens. I don't care how crumpled the darn thing is, cleaning stuff off of irons is a bitch and you do not want to walk down that path! 

So I've made a little bow for my tiger to wear and am also working to a slight mystic Hindi theme here because it's a green tiger. Also after a strange dream in which I was both a condor and a grey wolf I have this strange sense of duty towards the third eye and opening my mind to supernatural experiences. I like my crown to reflect this small revelation. I've sewn the bow on and am using hot glue to attach the google eye and heart button.

Now before launching into the actual headband decoration I've marked using the same button type roughly were the four buttons sewn onto the feet so my cane piece stays in the middle. I'm a big perfectionist and general symmetry freak so this ensures I can roughly stay on track- I want the tiger toy to sit amongst a carpet of pipe cleaners since I think that will attach the toy best to the plastic.I've left space around where the feet will go to hide the buttons a little better.

Also I've used blue tack to mark where my ears start so the pipe cleaner stuff doesn't irritate me when I wear the crown. Now here comes the fun stuff- the hot glue gunning!

I'm going to secure the bow and button to the tiger for extra security, and it helps choosing your colour scheme before launching into the actual gluing because once the gun warms up it's best to do all that you need at once and not take rest breaks. Watch out for the end dripping when you aren't looking and maybe lay some newspaper down underneath...

Basically lay down a line of glue per pipe cleaner. I'm adding the continuous strips first and then working around the circles I drew down for the tiger feet. I would recommend starting from the edges, working your way, laying down a pipe cleaner in the middle and then working in. My headbands widen at the centre so you need to work that. Add oodles of glue under the buttons and press down firmly for Bout twenty seconds and do each side (left and right) simultaneously. Try not to burn your fingers.

Just pointing out the obvious here guys, but you don't need to follow this tutorial step by step or at all if you don't want to. Each crown is about self expression and discovery into what you enjoy in terms of aesthetic so now two should be the same. You can try planning things out periodically or just go for it and you will have as much fun either way. For even more glittery mayhem maybe band together a group of friends over the holiday break and do this activity together while drinking hot chocolate or late at night when you can't sleep. Totally up to you; here's the final product- I'll be making more in the lead up to Christmas. I can only hope I've given you guys some good ideas to work with in the future and brought !


  1. Omg so cool! I like how you used a soft toy instead of flowers~ And don't worry i live in New Zealand no-one even knows what rookie IS here...

  2. I know- how bad is it!? I'm afraid to ask because I sorta know no one will respond. Flying to NZ it is then! You guys have the coolest jewellery stores anyway ;)