Sunday, December 2, 2012


At the moment I’ve been walking up ritually at 5am every morning- as if possessed by the ghost of some unknown milkmaid that demands there be a stroppy cow somewhere to be taken care of and relieved (weird). I woke up this morning in particular because I thought it sounded like there were twenty people ceremoniously clapping or something and I have expected to find myself in a surgical theatre and surrounded by men in white lab coats. As it turns out, I left my window open and am not accustomed to the sound of spring rain. So at the moment I’m a bit woozy from waking up this morning but I’m also reading a comical book by the legendary Terry Pratchett about the Armageddon and it follows a lot about fate and stuff but from the perspective of an angel and a demon who have reached a gentlemen’s agreement that this catastrophic event should be stopped. So here’s a galactic photo set of moderate proportions that is easy to digest- like green tea in the morning to me.

Oh Eric, I feel your sentiments all too well. Also it’s very gross outside today so I think today is best spent in front of the computer again or rifling through everyone else’s clothes to compose in outfit posts. Holidays should probably be spent with loved ones but as per usual my time alone and in my own company keeps me most happy and whirling in a sea of seemingly complicated thoughts. Most of the time it’s just trying to learn about popular culture and read through a book now and then when on holidays. Drawing may also be a worthwhile pursuit, but if I run out of pencils I do put myself in danger of having to go outside again… There's also many spools of thread to go through, books to read including my brother's copy of Moby Dick and mountains of empty books and notepads to fill as preliminary blog posts.

Guess who has seven old issues of Russh sitting around that she never got around to reading? I do! This is what happens when you bulk buy on eBay out of sheer boredom and don’t buy clothes periodically- it’s pretty much fact. Your brain sort of loses it's normal progression and train of thought and suddenly glossy magazines seem like the next best thing to owning a nee wardrobe. The backlog of magazines is no surprise really, I’ve become a mad sort of magazine hoarder but unfortunately I’ve read very few of them and there are fewer still which I’ve continued to read religiously; something I did plan on fixing these holidays. At the very least I should flick through the pages and make a note of the best runway shows or whatever but I’m happily recluse in the world of Australian/ New Zealand collections and am taking my time in their glorious ideas and colours. Watch this space for more to come… 

I have just about every necessary component to make floral garlands like the Belle Dame sans Merci to tempt men and become a full-fledged fairy. But I am pretty tentative to chop up any of the pre-existing fake flowers that I have because they’ve been presents from my sweetheart upon reaching milestones in our relationship. Severing them seems a bit too symbolic and like damnation of our coexistence or whatever and the only other flowers I have are flat sunflowers that are a bit too flat to stand on a crown and burst out in different planes. It seems I’ll need to add more to my vague shopping list of stuff to keep an eye out for at second hand shops which will certainly make my photo shoots conducted at home a bit more floral and moody. 

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