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Cara Delevingne

So after having to wait some five hours for the delivery of a home made pie, I decided to past the time by investigating the best of the modelling world's youth because what could be better than getting jealous of skinny and successful girls idolized by the fashion world and then drowning my sorrows in pie. While priding myself these days on being a self-actualised woman perfectly comfortable in her own body that doesn't mean I am totally immune and invulnerable from the yearnings towards these amazing achievements of these women and their success. Connections with the best of the fashion world and jet-setting around the globe when you're a year younger than me and not studying full time? Yes please- even if the reprieve I have is just for a day. So to give myself a little break from the mind-numbing normalcy of being a university student I pooled together some of my favourite pictures of Cara Delevingne to begin with- possibly 2012's best sensation. I see her all over my Tumblr dashboard pulling crude faces, being cross-eyed and what not taking the piss out of a career built on looking beautiful. Thatta' girl.

It's been a while since I engaged myself in a good read like Russh magazine and the newest addition I have is probably dated to 2010, but this makes me want to scour online even harder for a back log of this issue. Generally there's some outrage when an outsider appropriates a culture that isn't their own, particularly when those people are subjected to pain by supremacists of some kind but being have Chinese-Malaysian I see nothing wrong with this. I love the studded leather gloves, those witch-like locks and the gold. Cara looks wonderful in such a glamorous outfit and her pose is brilliant. When she's not goofing off in front of the cameras for backstage photographs and to generally sass off the media she has this perfect smouldering emphasised by her darker eyebrows. While there seems to be some ostracising and bitching about lighter hair compared to eyebrows, I'm not so sure with this special lady. It looks pretty artistic on her framing her face- or maybe I'm just hopelessly smitten with another girl crush (it's Alexa Chung all over again...).

There's a generational subculture cult going on at the moment when it comes to wearing "onesies" (that's, onesuits) for university students. My brother is only four years older than I am, but this trend seems to have completely gone over his head and they are renowned for being ultra roomy, loose and comfortable and based on cartoon animal designs in a Japanese vain. For a kid who badly wanted a pair of footed pyjamas, I would argue this is an even better alternative. I haven't felt such a strong impulse towards essentially what is a glorified sweatshirt, but with a grin like that which could contend with the Mad Hatter, how can I resist? I just never thought to wear bright eyeshadow, leopard print nail decals and a tiger onesuit at a garden party or anything like that since I usually put very little effort in when applying make up and eyeshadow seems to have entirely escaped my feminine capabilities. This look though- it looks like the perfect party recuperation outfit after a night of mad mayhem.

You may not have heard much about Cara yet, but from what I've seen she has some pretty talented fans- there was a stunning watercolour of this particular image posted; but I decided to stay on the safe side and repost the photograph instead. There's a tough but versatile edginess to what Cara wears in her street style snaps which conforms to the general consensus of models wearing all black when they are off-duty. But the leather snap back does look so good in this photograph and surprisingly suits her with such a subtle smirk to her face- or for those obsessed with the 'Next Top Model' franchise: smize. (Smile with your eyes). Cara has some amazing eyes, but it's the taught use of her face and control of those muscles and expression that seems to have captured so many fans through the worldwide web.

Gorgeous Cara only being just one year older than I am walked across the gorgeous Chanel Resort collection for 2013- something which I have already reported on for this blog but had to show off again. From afar we missed the ornate choker necklace and matching earrings that make the blue wig hidden under a pastel pink straw hat even more stark. I know I should probably have a little more content including the natural looks of the model and as they appear, but I'm usually captivated by colourful, weird and extravagant visions imagined by the designers overseeing everything and choosing models by hand. This is one of my favourite looks for the British model since it's just so far removed from what she's usually seen in- portrayed as the lady of the manor in glamorous jewels she seems just so powerful by use of her image. The position of her hand would otherwise convey a vulnerability but that steely stare and her long eyebrows (were they always that long?) and blush pink eyeshadow seems surprisingly strong in character.

Rocking a stark red beanie and matching Jeremy Scott knitted sweater and skirt can I just say Cara looks brighter and more intense than the rising sun? I mean sure I bought a knock off of this pattern but she got to hug and take a photograph with Jeremy Scott himself and the mini skirt is to die for. TO DIE FOR. Anyway now that I am done sobbing over what I cannot have, she looks spectacular even if her clothes do match. It's very rare for someone so young to afford Jeremy Scott- let alone two items from a freshly released collection but such are the conveniences of working in that realm and magical industry. And for this reason, budding fashion bloggers such as myself try to inch our way in with an imaginary foot in the door to get a little notice while envying the hard working ladies of the catwalk.

I avoided the bustier top craze for quite some time managing to control an air of modesty but this sort of makes me sad I didn't raid thrift stores for deadstock lingerie. With all that exposed skin, it does beg the question of what you could possibly do to decorate it with an analogue of a blank canvas so readily available. The answer? Why it's every child's favourite badge of honour to the rescue: humble stickers and magazine cut-outs. It also makes me sad I lacked the imagination to think of adorning myself in stickers the way someone collects tattoos but being of the age where I can get a tattoo it generally makes me feel awkward when masquerading around with fake ones. This doesn't make me feel sad, poor or pathetic for not affording real tattoos. This makes me proud to change and shed my skin like a marvellous chameleon and doesn't make me feel that anything has been sacrificed for choosing a cheaper option.

I left a lot of the sillier shots out from this particular post, trying to focus on the professionalism of this young lady but this was a little too good to resist. Her hair is the way we ladies sometimes dream of looking when the rain pits itself against us and we try to look dishevelled but with an air of beauty and dignity. Here is Ms. Delevingne purveying that very fantasy and making hey eyeballs look dangerously bulging with a chic little black lighter. And this is why she has a community smitten with her eccentricism apart from the smoking body and modelling down for Victoria Secret Lingerie. But I thought the latter should be left out since I don't really hold with that particular type of fashion show and instead replaced them with the artful examples of photography and modern society's conception of beauty.

First of all, bonus points are always awarded for wearing chic necklaces of dipped gold depicting a skeleton's rib cage. Always and forever. So aside from the fact Cara looks like royalty at the moment and is probably missing pants she's decorated in mean Mexican themed, Day of the Dead medals or honour strung around her neck in chunky gold. Aw man. OK aside from blogging it seems I need to make a pin board or something special just to show off my favourite pictures and stuff from this blog because having this in my room constantly will help it be a little less cluttered. But on that point I also hope I still remember to wear pants because unlike a professional model I don't have the luxury of long legs of all the same skin tone hanging off the end of a fancy bed. I'm stuck in Normalville with odd sock tan lines and rubbish under my bed from when I was five. Fabulous.

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