Sunday, December 9, 2012

Camp Happy

Wearing: Alcatraz souvenir t-shirt, vintage leggings, crucifixes from friends, Disneyland Chip N' Dale hat, Dr Martens boots.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is exactly what happens when I can't take outfit posts in my usual ritual and instead have a makeshift shoot on my bed. Yes, this is my actual bed and I sleep underneath a doona of giant pencils. It's from when I was five- vintage. That's so fetch! Anyway... I wore this outfit over a year ago at "study camp" in senior year letting my friends realise what a celestial weirdo I really am. But at the time I didn't have the Dr Marten boots. I really wore the hat and everything because we were staying up anyway eating junk food and gossiping into the late hours. We didn't take the entire scenario seriously, but to be fair, neither did the teachers at the time. I also didn't have Rookie Yearbook One, so here's me and a big cheesy grin; maybe my first this week because it's been an altogether mess of a week with one of the best books ever. I'm reading it in between War of the Worlds.

I don't wear this shirt a lot anymore, since it has an odd structure and I also wore it to the veterinarians when one of my little rabbits got put down. Aw- sad face. I also don't wear the leggings either so in that way these two articles of clothing deserve each other. The leggings are handmade and lop sided, with a crotch that doesn't sit where it ought to but they're still good for lounging if I'm in a misappropriating tee pee mood. (I'm really not at all...) In other news this week, I broke a nail on my right hand which sucks because all my nails were the same height, I'm going to Alexisonfire in two days and I have to go to the doctor today. Life is all up and down like a roller coaster lately and honestly I'd prefer a long streak of greatness or a whopping stint of bad luck. At least if I'm full of angst then I can build up a decent bad mood which is a rich resource for a teenager blogger.

Even though this book contains a lot of gold about people's personal experiences, I can't help but feel won over and pine over "characters" of the anecdotes. The first chapter is "beginnings" centering around a lot of high school experiences and since it's happened so long ago it almost feels like an unreal experience to read all these crazy, touching and personal accounts. You don't read of someone's awkward mishaps as a teenager in a book unless it's fiction but loosely based on the author's own life. I miss the tame vulnerability that was high school; hence my nostalgic outfit post and costume dressing this night. My mother also gave me a coffee at 6pm- the latest I've indulged in a big dosage of caffeine so all of a sudden I got super excited and raced around my bedroom deciding to take photographs. Hooray for stimulus.

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