Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bug Freak

Wearing: Bug printed top from Lenko, Bardot stripe dress (old) worn as skirt, Wowch cat knee leggings and pink Dr Martens boots.

This is a bit of a rushed post because my mother was really confused as to why I was wearing nice clothes and hanging out in the front yard. Yes, I was officially busted on official fashion blogger business- felt both flustered and embarrassed about my hidden love for playing dress ups and I am nineteen years old still living at home. What is life... Anyway I was super excited on Monday when I bought this shirt: it's semi-sheer and from a favourite boutique store of mine with super rad stuff and really nice sales people. After raiding my craft corner I brought back the cheesy lace bow and decided without the shirt and boots I look like a fourteen year old teenie bopper. *shudders*

This only proves what a deal-maker this new top is and how cool it is. The pink stag beetles are my favourite, followed by the lady birds of course since Ladybird was my favourite childhood publishing house and is probably responsible for my literary pursuits in some small way. I was really surprised my mother liked the shirt as well- but she complimented it for having such a happy vibe about it and I enjoyed gushing to the sales assistant about the Versace butterfly print jeans and in general about they're cool store and blogging about them and stuff. Expect to see this shirt many times over and soon for a trip to the zoo I'm planning with my boyfriend after Christmas possibly with more animal themed stuff.

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  1. OMG I know what you mean when you get caught by your parents taking pics for your blog, its always so awkward. I just say something about keeping it for private inspiration and quickly shuffle off. Love the bug top btw! I love your style