Monday, December 31, 2012

Black and Yellow

Wearing: Bowler hat from an old-timey amusement park thing, Simpson sweater bought off Etsy (MyLikeZoo), denim jacket from my brother's wardrobe, Lovelysally mickey mouse leggings, pink socks from childhood and Jellybeans plastic sandals.

I've finally settled into my new regime and spot for taking self-portraits with a tripod potentially older than I am. Fantastic. This outfit came together by accident when I was getting changed from one outfit to another and then I realised matching leggings and my sweater was a little cheesy but also a goldmine of awesomeness. There probably should have been more images of my leggings and sweater together to monopolise the black and yellow nature of my outfit. Oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles. I wanted what I imagine, to be a London street smart affect so I wore a hat and jacket over the top because they've been sadly neglected a bit lately. Getting used to everything again and how the time of day influences the amount of sun is even trickier, but I can now do these posts in the middle of the day without being scrutinised. Huzzah!

When wondering what to wear on my feet I was pretty torn I don't own the black pair of these sandals. Ideally I'd be wearing them with yellow socks or something in a lacy/ tulle trim to finish off with but all I have lying around is pink at the moment. It's official guys, I am secretly a member of the Plastics. What a dream come true. But seriously folks, I can't wait until Jelly Beans restock their wares in my size- I have my eyes on at least two different colours as a welcome change to my outfit posts since I sort of wear them as a uniform now for posts. In reality they kill my feet when I spend a day in them and usually revert to sturdy leather black Dr Martens. Also if I did spend my money on fancy socks and hosiery I probably would be sad and spend my time commiserating by reading sad literature and listening to music I've heard things about from popular culture.

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  1. Love this outfit! Wouldn't expect the pieces to match, but they definitely look cute together in a bizarre way. Followed you, btw!