Saturday, December 1, 2012


 Wearing: Miss Shop dress, Stolen Girlfriends Club X Jeffrey Campbell boots, Kamibashi string doll mermaid necklace, MyLikeZoo (etsy) Bart sweater.

I love being born in the 90s and appreciating The Simpsons as well as that spiky haired hell-raiser Bart. This sweater is a knock-off of Jeremy Scott's Fall-Winter 2012 collection and is my present to myself for completing semester two's exams and stuff but all up it cost my fifty dollars which is a lot better than two hundred and fifty from eBay for a second hand jumper or four hundred dollars for the real thing brand new. So this is what it feels like to feed the Chinese factory sellers on which knock-offs thrive upon and choose a cheaper alternative. it feels like I beat the system there and that's pretty damn good. Also, Grimes aka Claire Boucher has like the same one and I just got back my results for this semester's units and I got two high distinctions and two distinctions! This sweater is well and truly earned now.

I also wanted to wear this sweater with a giant red, plaid bow but it refused to cooperate and flopped pathetically all over the place so in the end I scrapped that too and just was happy to wear a cute brooch and necklace combination. Speaking of plaid, this jumper would also go well with my purple plaid skirt and just about everything else in my wardrobe- I must be in love or something. This sweater is going to be my new best friend next year and I can tell I'll wear it to death to university but for now the weather sucks and I need to lay off it until this blasted heat drops off. The first day of Summer, I should be eating ice cream or going to a festival or something but instead I'm going off to work, organising DIY tutorials (I promise, they're coming soon guys...) and blogging indoors. I understand this young adulthood/ freedom concept so poorly it's not even funny anymore...

It's sort of normal to struggle wardrobe coordination with the colour yellow when your a brunette like me, but I can't resist black either and it gave me a lame excuse to play with just one pair of my Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Something about the heel and platform makes me feel powerful, but also dizzy when I'm a bit sick and I was a bit more pale then usual so the rest of today will be spent lying down in bed with a good book until I have to go to work. I hate getting sick on the day I'm supposed to work and then having to go anyway because there's not enough time to graciously cancel. The good news is that if I survive I'll have more money to buy craft bits, start collecting weird curiosities and grow my wardrobe.Realistically though I will be spending all that hard-earned cash on buying petrol to practice driving more so I can get my license and then drive myself to work. In the grand scheme of things, my plan seems terribly flawed.


  1. Love your sweater and love how it looks with your skirt!!

  2. hey where did you find the knockoff? i'm looking everywhere and i totally can't find a good knockoff.

  3. Yeah, I actually have a hyperlink up which I hoped would work but search for "Simpsons sweater" on etsy. This is the best link at the moment:

    Good luck girlfriend <3