Friday, December 14, 2012

Acne Resort 2013

Isn't it so typical that when I feel at my most economically unstable I begin to lust after the collection with money printed all over it? That's the biggest theme I see within the Acne collection for 2013- and possible the wildest glasses ever produced in a while. I avidly dreamed of owning a vintage pair with the world map printed on them for a while and changing my blog name to Gaia but this is slightly better to my taste because I will never be selfless and give up my lifestyle of being obsessed with clothes both old and new. Ever. Anyway, there's more to this collection than the dollar bill printed in a whole bunch of sweet colour combinations for different garment types- they are also lace up heeled gladiator boots perfect for Summer and impractical safari shoots.If you're anything like me, those photo shoots will actually be in your back garden which is getting a little overgrown due to neglect and you may have a cat in the background as they make-believe wild beast.

There was also the suave, dark and dazzling side of the Acne collection that totally blew my socks off since it was just so startling and mysterious. Were it not being a photo shoot indoors I've practically convinvec myself that there would be a lit cigarette curdling smoke hanging from her mouth- but instead there's that bombastic baby clue clutch more akin to an art portfolio. Imagine if it was though filled with embroidery or water colours... so dreamy. The almost galactic print nature of the hat is just so stereotypical of the tall, dark and handsome stranger at the bat and also reminds me of starry-eyed poets that are troubled and misunderstood souls (the way they should be). The dark look really threw me off and broke down all expectations of the collection; would it feature dark clothing in refined tailoring like thos pants or would there be more mixed prints? It was a short-lived guessing game but that just made me all the more excited to explore this imaginary realm.

Gladiator inspired sandals haven't been in fashion for a year or two now but admittedly seeing these campaign photos does make me a little homesick for a bygone era (i.e. when I was in highschool). Unless you're a hardcore Acne addict and worship the ground their stores are built on I would suggest against buying a dip-dyed shirt when you can easily do it for yourself at home.That way you can choose the colour and lenth of dye and also make a fun day of it with a friend! It's just a really nice, safe outfit from Acne which is more like what I've come to expect from the luxe label but the combination of bedraggled hair, black shoes and an inky dress all makes me logn for the ocean a bit too. A fitting theme to stick to for a resort collection wouldn't you say?

If there's one thing I would love to take from from this collection it's these pants in traditional green. I just really love statement pants because they're so different and far removed from the world of blase plain denim jeans. Also I can buy vintage blouses to my heart's content and still look like an interesting and topical fashion blogger... but I'm not as comforted by the fact that I'd probably need to lease my thumbs or something in order to pay for them. I usually envision Acne as making some of the highest quality and callibre basic clothing items and would expect a wildly printed article of clothing from the eccentric Jeremy Scott- but if this is a taste to come from Acne in the future then I welcome the change with open arms. I can only hope that they don't revert back to making sweaters in block shades again for Winter and embrace the everyday object used to dress up clothing. What could possibly come next? Paper clips? Beer bottles?

Although purple is my favourite colour and my first hundred dollar currency was American, I just think that a change of colour perverts this design rather than adds to it. It makes the design of the clothes themselves sort of lose their identity as being connected with money and power; so I'll have to stick with the green pants as my favourite piece from this collection! It would have been nice to see purple on green just to mix things up a bit but for all the people who enjoy playsuits matching these shirts and pants together may be an ideal opetion for you with a luxurious feather or fur coat or something. I think I'm in a garish mood; I just spent the last twenty minutes looking on 90s clothes with pop art designs on Etsy (no regrets there).

Wearing all white tends to scare the jeepers out of me unless I can pervert it in some way with other bright colours (can you say Etsy bridal gown with vintage knitted koala jumper!?) but the giant label of the brand strewn across the sleeve of the blazer does add comfort as well as edgy kitty cat eyeliner on the model. The silver zippers along the blazer also suggest the toughness of a motorcycle jacket but the white just seems so contradictory and ironic- ugh I love it. My only lament is that it's a little hard to make out the structure of the clothing and the shoes against an all white background, but I think I see the perfect shoes comprimising heels and clogs but without the worn leather tackiness of the 1970s. All I see is pristine, thick and stable heels adding height without the danger of giving you a nosebleed. For those living on the wild side of fashion, the heels could well act like a blank canvas ready for some customisation and sparkly sequins... I love to fantasise. 

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