Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vampire Queen

Wearing: Vintage blouse, Crochet Jumper from Ezzentric Topz, Nirvana belt buckle from Victoria Markets, vintage plaid skirt, Emma Boots from Jeffrey Campbell X Stolen Girlfriends Club.

 Perks and Mini Fangs necklace in silver, Bow brooch vintage, Easter bunny brooch vintage, Name tag brooch from Chanel [V], Felt rabbit and bear brooches from Etsy: hanaletters.

I've decided that black lipstick doesn't really suit my complexion all that well since I haven't been in the sun long enough to stop looking pale and sickly, but it creates a nice undead atmosphere especially when I want to show off some of the silver necklaces I keep stashed away. It was also a good time to go wild with a menagerie of brooches I've accumulated, the latest acquisitions being the pink bear worn on my collar and Robin the rabbit in red. I took my time when choosing just what pieces to get from this particular Etsy store, but I've been reading a lot of old Style Rookie and I'm starting to believe in the small, finishing touches and their ability to really make or break an outfit. As well as cute handmade brooche, cheesy plastic bracelets are also going to make a come back in my personal wardrobe this Summer.

Originally I had the idea of a librarian type vintage look but it evolved and became darker with some cute and Kawaii touches. I know not everyone in Japan would dress with that blend of creepy and cute, but it's always nice to fantasise isn't it? I certainly need something to keep me motivated during this last week leading up to my final exam- then I'm on to four months of relaxation, Summer and being poor and penniless.
I suppose that I'll be prowling air conditioned libraries and second hand stores without any income to keep me afloat over the Summer season- as well as creating picnics and teas with friends too. More a homely and handmade focus rather than slumming about in shopping centres.


  1. black lipstick suits you!..unlike me..

  2. Cool necklace!