Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Mechanic

Wearing: Vintage bandanna, Black cardigan a gift from mum, Gildan Mustang t-shirt, vintage play suit, Lovelysally Leggings, vintage socks and Vivienne Westwood X Melissa boots.

I've been fantasizing about an upcoming party and what I'm going to wear, and at the moment I'm dreaming of Lana Del Rey inspired rough Converse sneakers, tights and a Summer baby doll dress with either a headband (Rookie Crown inspired of course) or a bandanna. So this was a more practical spin on that theme, but with an unintentional automotive  integrity and with my own special brand of sissy teenage girl style. Overalls and a car related t-shirt; I probably should have seen that one coming myself when I was wearing it but I do get so wrapped up in the moment and try hard not to pull faces that are aggressive and weird. Anyway the entire outfit did look a little strange all together, but the bottom half looks outrageous and shiny like a new novelty key chain toy and the top half looks like I should be well equipped to change tyres. I am neither, so basically a big flop all round. Well done me.

It's been a while since I've worn the good old, reliable sparkly gumboots; what my boyfriend fondly referred to as 'gay cowboy boots' on the train once which then spurred a compliment from a girl with purple hair. But it was nice mixing together yellow and vintage Mickey printed leggings and muted grey in a beautiful marriage that I just didn't expect to pull-off. Unlikely partners are always the best when you finally bring them together; the super tall dating the regular/ short in height and vintage clothing with brand-spanking new motorcycle boots. Ah yes, the world works in strange and mysterious ways sometimes but I think I'm actually beginning to outsmart it. Or at least not be totally throttled by something unforeseen and strange.

As much as I love these leggings, they are just a bit too see-through to wear without a second pair of leggings underneath, which of course is an uncomfortable predicament in Summer. That's why I was so glad to overcome this tricky difficulty with the most puerile solution: a common play suit. So there's a neat way for my legs to be yellow like a pop star, save my modesty and also add a splash of colour to this item of clothing. I still don't know whether it's a keeper or not- I don't wear it as much as I should but it's so fiddly to get in to. That's when I fall in to the common trap of reaching for t-shirts, jeans and sweater. Well to them I say phooey. I want to dress intricately and stumble around for a bit because I can now afford to be impractical and it feels fantastic.

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